Here to organize some Linux system operations related to the surface of the question, some problems have no standard answer, I hope to participate in the Linux operation and maintenance interview friends, you can first think about these problems

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Here to organize some Linux system operations related to the surface of the question, some problems have no standard answer, I hope to participate in the Linux operation and maintenance interview friends, you can first think about these problems. First, Linux operating system knowledge 1. What are the common Linux distributions? Which one are you good at? What is its official website? Which one do you specialize in? What is the detailed step of the 2.Linux boot process? System installs, forgot password how to crack? 3. What are the Linux Server System partitioning standards in the enterprise? (Take HDD 300G, memory 16G for example) 4. One day suddenly found that Linux system files are read-only, what should I do? Complete operation steps. 5. Install a system using DVD disc installation, how to install 50 Linux systems How to install it? Think for a second. 6. With a virtual machine installed a Linux system, suddenly want to clone a server, after cloning found unable to surf the internet, how to solve? What is the 7.Linux NIC configuration file path? What are the conditions that must be met for the server to sisu the network? What do I need to configure? 8. What software can I use for remote Linux servers? Upload files and download files via what? What is the main use of the 9./mnt directory? What does the/root directory have to do with the root user? /What is the connection between the root directory and the/boot directory? 10. What happens when the RM-RF * is executed on one day? Please give an example. Ii. Linux commands and file operations 1. Create a Test.txt file in the/tmp/directory with the contents: hello,world! , write it with a command. 2. Add the Execute permission to the Test.txt file except the owner, and finally write down the file's permissions as a number. 3. Using the VI command to edit test.txt, how to jump to the last line, the first line, the beginning of the line, how to insert the next line in the cursor line, how to copy 5 rows, delete 10 rows, find Jingfeng characters, Replace Jingfeng with Jfedu.net4. Find the Linux system with a txt end, 30 days without modified file size larger than 20K files with Execute permissions and back up to the/data/backup/directory. 5. The current test.txt belongs to the user root, the group is ABC, please test.txt the owner is ABC, the group is root, write out the command. 6. How to modify the Linux boot level to be character mode and permanent, how to temporarily and permanently shut down selinux and firewall, please write out the operation method separately. 7. Each boot in the/tmp directory to create a day's date folder (hint: the current date is represented by: ' Date +%y%m%d ') 8. How do I view the contents of a file and what are the commands? View the file line 1th to 3 to see the last line of the file. 9. View the commands for the Linux server IP and display only theThe line where the IP is located is printed. 10. What is the command to add the normal user test to the root group? Third, Linux disk and software management operations 1. How do I add a new 50G hard drive to a Linux server system as a separate partition and are using it? What steps do I need? 2. There is a Kingston U disk, need to go to the server/var/www/html/directory to upload a index.html file, how to do and complete. 3 A removable hard disk with 300G data on it, how to quickly CP to a Linux server? 4. The CD has a httpd-2.2.15.xx.rpm bag, how to mount and install it? 5. Use the RPM command to install, uninstall, delete, update ntp-0.7.12.x86_64.rpm this soft package. 6./var/www/html/is the publishing directory of the site, how to automatically back up every 0 o'clock in the morning 30, write the procedure? 7. Use the TAR command to package and compress the/root directory, and then move it to/TMP and set its permissions to other people to read only. What is the difference between the 8.Yum command and the rpm command? How do I install a dependent package using RPM? 9. In this month, every day in the morning 6 to 12, every 2 hours to create a test.txt file, the content is OK, how to implement? 10. Transfer files larger than 100K in the/usr/local/test directory to the/tmp directory. 11. Briefly describes the working principle and characteristics of three kinds of working modes of RAID0 RAID1 RAID5. 12. How to view the process that occupies port 8080. Iv. Linux Service configuration and Management 1. Please write apache2. The X version of the two modes of operation, and how each works. How do I view the modules currently supported by Apache and see which mode is working in? 2.Linux NFS cannot be mounted on client, please write troubleshooting steps? 3.Linux has deployed a DHCP server, the client cannot obtain the IP, how to resolve? 4. What are the common FTP software? What is Linux most commonly used for? How do I share a resource for someone else to access with a user name and password? 5. How do I disable FTP logons using anonymous users? How does the command line access the FTP server? Where is the 6.ApacheWEB server publishing directory? 7.ApacheWEB Server has several working modes, the simple difference of each mode? What is the purpose of the 8.MySQL server? Can Apache and MySQL be installed on a single machine? How do I view Apache and MySQL ports and processes? 9. How to deploy 4 Web sites on top of the virtual machine, access the domain name Assuming that Apache produces the dayThe log file name is Access_log, when Apache is running, execute the command MV Access_log Access_log.bak, after execution, ask the new Apache logs will print to where, why? 11. We all know that the FTP protocol has two modes of operation, Tell me about one of their work processes? When the 12.Linux kernel boots, the file system to be loaded is read from which file. 13. Write down the following service's common port FTP HTTP DNS SNMP POP3, DHCP, NFS, MySQL, Samba and other services. 14.MYSQL Create a database command, create a table command, insert a statement command? 15.Mysql backup command? MySQL How to give root user access to jfedu, password is, please write the command? 16.Mysql Forget the password how to do it? What are the skills and professional qualities required for 17.Linux OPS engineers?

Here to organize some Linux system operations related to the surface of the question, some problems have no standard answer, I hope to participate in Linux operations interview friends, you can first think about these problems

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