How can I send mass advertising emails to members without being spam?

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Php Chinese network ( provides the most comprehensive basic tutorial on programming technology, introducing HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, Java, Ruby, C, PHP, basic knowledge of MySQL and other programming languages. At the same time, this site also provides a large number of online instances, through which you can better learn programming... Reply content: Ad mail is not equivalent to spam, especially for sending mass emails to members. if the effect is good, it can not only achieve the purpose of advertising, it can also communicate with users and increase user viscosity.

Pay attention to the following points for how to prevent emails from being considered spam and achieve good results:
1. First, it is also the most important, Email contentTo ensure high quality, if the email format is rough and the content is worthless, it will inevitably fail to achieve the advertising effect and may even be complained by users;
2. second Technical guaranteeFor example, you need to select IP sending with high credibility, ESP White List filing, and sending frequency control, which can be achieved through the selected mail sending service;
3. Finally, some Email sending skillsIt needs to be explored for a long time, such as user habits survey and best time survey.

Recently, Sohu released SendCloud, which specifically sends trigger mails (including registration activation emails and password retrieval emails). later, it will also send newsletter emails (not advertising emails) and is in beta testing, you can apply for a trial ~ AD mail is not equivalent to spam. for NetEase Mail, adding AD to the AD mailbox makes it easy to enter spam without AD. There is a new email prompt in the ad mailbox, and there is no new email prompt in the spam mailbox.
To reduce mail entry to spam, you must start with the Mail title and mail content to avoid some commonly used text and code design specifications that violate spam rules, understand the rules of the ISP to receive mails, follow the rules to deliver mails, and do not disregard their rules for their own quantity. We also need to add the unsubscribe link in the email content to make it more standard. don't drag anything to the member to send it, that is, to send an advertisement Email. I will give you some dry goods! The main technology of the spam filtering system is Bayesian algorithm. To prevent emails sent by yourself from being determined as spam, please prepare different email content. Write neatly, do not leave the website address and images, leave the phone number on the landline, and leave a different one at a time. Let's briefly describe the principle. The Bayesian system analyzes your emails and proposes ten key contents. Some content is a plus point, and some content is a minus point. If the score is reduced by more than one item, it will naturally become garbage. Of course, there are actually more technologies, such as context semantic analysis. Send emails to avoid downgrading. Emails are written in normal languages. don't learn the people who sell invoices, write some strange characters. The system doesn't understand your language, and it's just spam. Urls, images, and mobile phones all fall short. Try not. All cheap and replaceable contact methods are reduced points. For example, qq and email! The filter system is not a simple keyword blacklist or whitelist, nor is it determined as spam simply because you have written an invoice. Don't trust any skills, be less clever, and those skills are full of pitfalls. programmers who write filter systems are no more stupid than you! What is the unsubscription link? Still formal? Specification? This is in China and has China's national conditions. who cares? Adding this is insulting the programmer's IQ. In any case, the email is finally sent to people. which machine can block it? To deal with the Bayesian filter system, please start with my thinking and wish everyone a pleasant advertisement! Know how to promote qq

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