How can we make the login webpage faster?

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How can we make the login webpage faster? we have a website. a window will pop up when you click the button or click your personal data settings button. These pop-up windows contain multiple EDIT input boxes. Currently, when you click a button, a PHP script is executed and various controls in the pop-up window are generated, as a result, the speed is slow and the input box can only appear in half a day.

Now we can think of a way to make a static page window after the user clicks the button, so the loading speed is very fast. after the user inputs the information, press the OK button, in this way, the user experience will be much better.

I would like to ask if there is a better way, because there are a lot of similar places on the website. If all these changes are done in this way, the workload will be relatively large, and the controls on the page for entering information will change in the future, it is not convenient to modify.

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Your current thinking is correct and you are worried about the last one. Instead, it is easier to modify static content. for example, if you use php for input, is it easier to add tags directly in html?

I have mentioned the advantages of the "MVC" idea. it is much easier to change the display independently...

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