How do I configure a wireless network card under a Linux system?

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This article describes how to manually configure a wireless network card in the Linux command-line interface. Most popular distributions today support the easy configuration of graphical interface Network-manager without using the original methods described in this article.

The following instructions use commands such as iwconfig and ifconfig to configure a wireless network in the command line state. The first problem is that the wireless card driver has been properly installed, and the system is correctly identified.

General Ideas

The general idea of the work is as follows:

Use Iwconfig to power up the wireless network card and find wireless networks in the area

Connect to the appropriate wireless network

Enable the wireless network card via ifconfig and obtain IP (if DHCP is used)


Assuming that wireless is recognized as WLAN0, if your network card is not recognized as wlan0, you can make the appropriate modifications when you operate.

Specific process

1. Turn on the wireless card power

Iwconfig Wlan0 Txpower on

The signal lights on the wireless network should be lit.

2. List the wireless networks in the area

Iwlist wlan0 Scan

3. Assuming you want to connect to the network MyHome (that is, the network that Essid is MyHome), enter the command

Iwconfig wlan0 Essid "MyHome"

If the network is encrypted and the password is 0123456789, enter the command

Iwconfig wlan0 Essid "MyHome" key 0123-4567-89

4. If normal, enter

Iwconfig Wlan0

You can see the various parameters that are connected properly.

5. Enable the wireless network card

Ifconfig wlan0 up

6. If you are using DHCP to obtain IP, then use dhclient or DHCPCD to obtain IP

Dhclient Wlan0



7. Now the wireless network card should be used normally.


If it's not networked now. Then click on the Network icon. Select a link to a hidden wireless network. Enter the name of the network you found.

The Graphical network management program is system->preferences->network connections. After opening the program, click on the wireless network item and click Add to add a new wireless network. Give any connection Name. Enter the name of an unlimited network in the SSID. Select an appropriate encryption type in the wireless security. Key, enter the password for the Unlimited network.

No other fields are modified. After execution, you should be able to link to an unlimited network. You can use the Iwconfig wlan0 command to see if the wireless network is properly connected.

The output of the wireless network is not properly linked:

Iwconfig Wlan0

Wlan0 IEEE 802.11ABG Essid:off/any

mode:managed Access point:not-associated tx-power=0 dBm

Retry long limit:7 RTS thr:off Fragment Thr:off

Power Management:off

Correctly link the output after the wireless network:

Iwconfig Wlan0

Wlan0 IEEE 802.11ABG Essid: "Lilyhomerout"

mode:managed frequency:2.437 GHz Access point:00:23:cd:22:1a:a8

Bit rate=54 MB/s tx-power=0 dBm

Retry long limit:7 RTS thr:off Fragment Thr:off

Power Management:off

Link quality=65/70 Signal level=-45 dBm

Rx Invalid nwid:0 Rx Invalid crypt:0 Rx Invalid frag:0

Tx Excessive retries:0 Invalid misc:0 Missed beacon:0

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