How do I copy text that cannot be selected on a webpage?

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When we browse the Web page online, we want to copy some text or images and save them to the local hard disk when we see the desired or wonderful content. You can press and hold the left mouse button to drag the selected text. Of course, the text on the webpage cannot be copied. This is because some websites have used some technical means to protect their content so that we cannot copy them. Add an unselectable script to it to prevent others from copying its webpage content. The following solutions can be used.

Method 1: click "View"-"Source File ". You can open a text file and copy the corresponding content in it.

Method 2: click "file"-"Save as"-select "text file (*. txt) "-save to the specified folder, and then open the saved" text file "under the saved folder.

Method 3: click the "file" menu in the IE window, select "Edit with Microsoft FrontPage", and copy the file in the FrontPage. If the file does not work, use "Save ", then open it in FrontPage.

Method 4: click the "tools/Internet Options" menu in IE to go to the "Security" tab, and click the "Custom Level" button. In the "Security Settings" dialog box that appears, disable all "script" options. Press F5 to refresh the page, and you will find that unselectable text can be selected. Note that after collecting the content you need, remember to unban the script. Otherwise, it will affect your Webpage Browsing.

Method 5: Use the image capture software SnagIt. SnagIt provides a "text capture" function to capture text on the screen or encrypted webpage text. Click the "text capture" button in the window, click the "input" menu, select the "area" option, and click the "capture" button. Then, the cursor will become a cross-colored hand icon, press the left mouse button and drag it to select the text you want to copy. After you release the mouse, a text preview window will pop up. You can see that the text in the webpage has been copied to the window. You can copy the text in the preview window to another text editor. You can edit and modify the text in the preview window and save it directly.

Method 6: click "Save as" in the "file" menu to download the desired webpage content. After the download, you can use the WORD to open it. Generally, you only need to copy and typeset what you can see in the WORD!

Method 7: Download a Sailbrowser Changfeng browser and use the browser to remove web page restrictions, which is convenient and quick. Right-click the webpage tag and click "Remove webpage restriction". Alternatively, right-click the left button in the blank area of the webpage and click "Remove webpage restriction" in the pop-up menu.

These methods are not applicable to some web pages and can be used as appropriate.

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