How do I learn python? Python easy to learn is his advantage

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Now that you've opened this article, it means you want to learn python. Yes, compared to other background languages, Python has the incomparable advantages of other languages
The first thing that comes to the fore:

Python itself, easy to learn

Second, it is

Ability to build many functions with a small amount of code


Python Versatility

Article IV

Python has one of the most mature package repositories


Python is a cross-platform, open-source

Learn python first, you have to have a good understanding of JavaScript and PHP, here I recommend to
JavaScript of javascript:php Chinese web

php:php Chinese web

This two Web site to learn.

Above, just tell you a way to learn
Below, is the learning sentiment, hoped in the study the road, has the help to you:

    1. If you have a project in your hand or in your head, you will be driven by the goal instead of learning as you learn the module.

      This one is the most important one, but I do not suggest that it is the first, the first, always the foundation of the good

    2. Learning the road is long, no matter what occupation you are, what identity, what age, if you want to learn, learn python, I hope you can give yourself a time, every day to complete, to the late, the foundation to play firmly, you will be on time according to the amount of to complete

    3. When you have a certain basic knowledge, you need to download a special editor: Pycharm

Finally, don't care where you should "get Started", you know, programming learning, not getting started, you want to learn the basis of programming language understand, imagine a project to do, then directly "on the road", do not care about what to start, do not say what "I certainly do not, because I did not get started." ”

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