How do I select a good data center for server hosting?

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Choosing a good data center has always been a headache for an enterprise. How can we choose a good data center for our enterprise? Many website construction companies will say that their servers are from a computer room in China, what kind of service, what kind of network resources, and what kind of power system they provide when they lobby with enterprises, what a good backup measure is. What kind of data center is better? Which IDC is suitable for you?

The data center stores the core data of an enterprise. If a server suddenly goes down or a database exception occurs one night, the data center is used as the IT maintenance and management personnel of an enterprise, you must first go to the data center to handle the problem. At this time, you find that you cannot contact the service provider or the service provider, but the service provider complained that you did not receive an advance notice when entering the data center for maintenance, however, it is recommended that you refuse to go to the data center or wait for two hours outside the data center until tomorrow, as the owner of every company, you will know the severity of the service. If the server is interrupted for two hours without a plan, your company may lose millions, this is only a loss of money. What else is there? This is not a shocking thing. We can all imagine what the results of such a situation would be. Therefore, the first factor to choose a data center is that no matter under what circumstances, you can ensure smooth and fast access to the data center.

It is understood that data IDCs in Asia provide complete pre-sales and after-sales service support. Comprehensive pre-sales services include dedicated reception for servers and their ancillary devices during mounting and dismounting, providing backup servers for Migration customers, assisting in configuration of IP address related information, dns settings, vlan division, and port exchange allocation, optical fiber Connectivity testing, server hardware maintenance during the server hosting period, and other comprehensive after-sales services, including 7x24 server network equipment restart, initial diagnosis of managed server system and hardware faults, anti-Virus Software, firewall installation and debugging, authorized login operations, system password cracking service, Server System Security Service, server system vulnerability repair and security setting service, server traffic monitoring and website filing services.

Do customers often complain that it is too slow to open your website? The slow website opening speed indirectly affects the search ranking. The search engine has always put the user experience first. If the search engine wants to survive, someone must use it. That is to say, it must provide high-quality and highly relevant content for its users. websites that are slow or cannot be opened seriously affect the user experience, search engines do not place their rankings in front of each other. Website access is slow. Considering the user experience, when a user wants to open your website, it takes a long time to open it, first, the first impression on the user is not good, which affects the sales of your product. If you have no patience, you may simply close it and try again to find another one. Think about how many users are browsing each day and how many customers are losing each day, which directly affects your product sales. Therefore, the second factor for choosing a data center is the network quality of the data center, the speed of the website, and the user experience. It is very likely that you will purchase your product, in addition, search engines also favor websites with fast network speeds, which is conducive to the improvement of website rankings. As the ranking increases, there are more customers searching for your website every day. Today, Internet traffic is king. Traffic is a crucial link for the company, and there will be no sales without traffic, the company will eventually be eliminated. Of course, the network quality of each data center is different. If there is such a sentence in the industry, we should not talk about the price for quality, but the price does not require quality. This is also the current situation of IDC. For small and medium-sized enterprises, it is expensive to choose high-quality data centers. How can we solve this problem with an economical and practical method?

As a value-added telecommunications service provider based on IDCs, data in Asia is dedicated to managing network traffic and optimizing network deployment based on the deployment of IDC data centers across the network, improve the quality of enterprise website operations! It is understood that Asia data is providing IDC products for small and medium-sized enterprises, and the market strategy is to bind sales of 1 + 1, that is, the bandwidth of the 20 m data center is ordered and the network-wide CND website acceleration service is bound to 20 m at the same time, which is economical and affordable to solve the problem of slow Website access for small and medium-sized enterprises.

After that, we will assess the hardware environment and soft environment of the data center, for more details about the basic facilities of the data center, including the power supply system, air-conditioning system, fire-fighting system, security system, and network system, we also need to look at the Rack specifications and wire configuration, each data center is a fixed standard, just like a hotel, which is divided into five-star, four-star, three-star, T4 standard, and T3 standard, after learning about this, you can select your desired IDC.

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