How does a USB flash drive become antivirus? _ Analysis of USB flash drive antivirus skills

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How does a USB flash drive become antivirus? _ Analysis of USB flash drive antivirus skills

USB flash drives are widely used, but there are not many computer viruses in the USB flash drives. Many people think that the computer will be poisoned, but they often ignore the virus in the USB flash drive that they usually use. How does a USB flash drive defend against viruses? USB flash drive anti-virus tips.
1: When it comes to anti-virus, you can directly think of anti-virus software. It is best to install anti-virus software on your computer, such as and Kingsoft drug overlord. When the USB flash drive is inserted into the USB interface of the computer, the virus will be automatically scanned and reported if any virus exists.
2: Do not open the USB flash drive directly. Many of my friends use double-click the drive letter of the USB flash drive. In fact, this is a bad habit. After all, if a virus exists, double-click the drive may immediately get excited. To avoid bad habits, it is best to right-click the USB flash drive and select "open.
3: one-click Backup System. Downloading the pocket Ghost one-key backup and restoration tool is very helpful. If the USB flash drive is infected and the system encounters an exception or error, you can use the pocket Ghost one-key backup and restoration tool to restore the system.
4: Back up the registry. Generally, viruses work through the registry. Even if it is antivirus, the Registry is maliciously modified. If it is backed up and re-imported, it can be restored.
Tip: Do not use a USB flash drive in public places to avoid infection. Here, I especially want to talk about Internet cafes. Some digital products such as smartphones and MP3 can spread the USB flash drive virus, so it is still the old principle that the system must first install and kill software.

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