How does CSS modify tr border attributes?

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Tr is the row mark of the html Tag. In web development, we sometimes need to modify the row attributes for the sake of beauty. For example, the tr border. If we modify the properties of tr in the following format, it is a big mistake.

1 tr{2 3    border:1px  solid #DDDDDD;4 5 }


This is ineffective. Because the tr in the table is not a single border, you need to set the border-collapse and border-collapse attributes to set whether the border of the table is merged into a single border, it is also displayed separately as in standard HTML.

Example: Set the merge border model for the table:

1    table{2 3       border-collapse:collapse;4    }



SeparateDefault value. Borders are separated. The border-spacing and empty-cells attributes are not ignored.

CollapseIf possible, the border is merged into a single border. The border-spacing and empty-cells attributes are ignored.

InheritSpecify that the value of the border-collapse attribute should be inherited from the parent element.

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