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One of my php files is encoded as gbk. I want to convert them to the utf8 encoding format. There are several words in the file. The font is webdings, which is not converted through iconv. What should I do? I can use php to convert it to the UTF-8 encoding format. one of my php files is encoded as gbk. I want to convert it to the UTF-8 encoding format, which contains several words, the font is webdings, which is not converted through iconv. What should I do? I can use php to convert it into utf8 encoding format and reply content: Encoding

You have a small box containing 256 stamps, each of which has a number. You attended the school's "interest group for password and seal lovers", which contains a foreign girl who often plays a game with you. for example, you asked, "where did you go this summer ?」 She replied, "78, 89, 67 」. Because you are all so familiar with your seal, you suddenly understand that what you are talking about is "NYC 」.

「 Where were you born ?」, You asked.
She hesitated and thought, "77,195,188,110, 99,104,101,110 」.

You stopped. There are 256 stamps in a box, but we usually only use the first 128 stamps. You know that 77 is M, but 195 is what? You couldn't remember it for a moment, so you had to put out the box of stamps that you carried with you, and put the 195 and 188 stamps on the paper:

「 Zookeeper 」.

So the little girl said "M Chen 」. But what does that mean? Why is there another month? You looked at the girl with doubts, and the little girl looked at you with doubts. She turned and took out a box to open it. you suddenly got dumb-thousands of small stamps in it! And there are many layers! The little girl turned to a certain layer skillfully. Qiao sang picked out a small seal with her nails and printed a symbol on the paper:

「 U 」

Then pass the seal to you. Let's take a look. good guy, it's actually engraved with "C3 BC" and another line of small text "195 188 」. So ...... For her, 195 represents printing the "U" seal ...... However, there is also "U" in your box, so you can show her the No. 252nd stamp in the box. it is exactly "U 」. Just as you were about to cry out, Uncle counselor of the interest group came over and said kindly, "Don't be sad, please continue to believe in love 」, then, I took a big book with an ICONV printed on the cover from the shelf on the wall, skillfully flipped to the chapter "iso8859" and pointed to "00fc U: 252The number next to the entry says, "Look! The U of iso8859 is No. 252 !」; Then he goes to the "utf8" chapter and points to "00fc Ü: C3 BC"And U of utf8 is hexadecimal C3, BC, that is, decimal 195,188 !」.

Uncle closes the big book and turns your stamp box over to show you a small line of text printed on the back: "Encoded in iso8859 」, "Encoded in utf8" is printed on the back of the foreign girl's box 」. 「 I can only help you here, young man 」, said Uncle, looking at you and smiling.

Although you don't quite understand why you have to have such a book, why can't every box have the same thing? but since then, if you encounter a girl who says something you don't know, you will go to the ICONV and have lived a happy life with two guesses.

------ Another article ------


As a collector of stamps, you have accumulated many boxes throughout your life. Each box contains many numbered holes, and each small hole contains a seal. There was a box with the words "Arial" on it. it took out the 65 stamp and printed it on paper like this:

The No. 65 stamp in many other boxes looks very similar, for example, the No. 65 in the "Brush Script" box:

Until one day you met a box with "Webdings", which was numbered 65, printed on paper as follows:

...... So you think of the little girl you used to play with you when you were a child. with trembling hands, you took out three stamps, and 67 and pressed them on the paper:


After reading the above two novels, consider the following:

  1. What is the relationship between encoding and font?
  2. What is the possible "00fc" in "00fc U: 252" and "00fc U: C3 BC?
  3. What is iconv used?


Answers to questions:
  1. The font description is the characterShape, Encoding is forNo.Which character should it represent?Conventions. The font will be arranged in a certain encoding, but there is no inevitable link between the encoding and a specific font, like 78 can be a letter N, but it can also be an eye.
  2. Collect all possible symbols from all over the world into a table and provide each character with a unique number. this encoding scheme is called Unicode. Those numbers are called (unicode) code points. 00fc is the code point in the Unicode encoding plan.
  3. For a specific character's code point in Unicode, you can use iconv to find the corresponding utf8 or iso8859 code point, therefore, the code point of a character in iso8859 can also be found through iconv. In other words, iconv can be converted to encoding, but it does not matter whether the encoding is displayed in any font.
Thank you. They are all great gods. The answer from Cainiao passing by Tao Wu is very vivid, and the encoding and font should be distinguished. Why is the display abnormal after conversion? I'm wondering what to do if I can open a ppt and convert it into a webding font.
Thank you for entering pinyin 'da 'and selecting "big".
The system inputs 0x34 0x35 according to the current encoding.
The font library is the graphics library or vector graphics library, which is displayed as "big" based on the encoding 0x34 0x35"
Images encoded in different font libraries may be different.
------ But here I also have a problem:
Both utf8 and gbk can play "big". Does the encoding correspond to the font? How does it correspond? Or is there an intermediate layer for ing?
(I have read libiconv and freetype code a long time ago, but I cannot remember it now .) Character encoding: Getting started with character encoding
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