How does phpStudy install the server with one click? are there other similar software?

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Someone is planning to work with me to develop a crowdfunding platform. so if I download this software for testing, does ASP have similar software? a software can complete most of the settings. what can I set up this software, how many users are allowed to access and what business applications are used? Can I use small forums? someone wants to work with me to develop a crowdfunding platform. so download this software and test whether ASP has similar software, A software can complete most of the settings. what can this software set up? how many users are supported, and what businesses are used? can a small forum be used? reply to the following content: ten free Web server suites-easily build Apache, PHP, PhpMyAdmin, and MySQL
Free software April 25, 2013

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Friends of common virtual hosts may seldom pay attention to the construction of Web servers, but for those who have purchased Windows, Linux VPS or servers, how to quickly build an Apache, PHP, PhpMyAdmin, and MySQL Web server on the VPS server is the most important problem.

In addition, many friends often find free space.In fact, we can build a Web server on our PC to complete the test locally. this is not only efficient, but also ensures the security of source code data, some free space is still unreliable.

This article brings great strides to BlogThe author shared ten free Web server software contributionsAllows you to easily build WAMP, LNMP, LAMP, LLsMP, and other Web server platforms on Windows and Linux. some of them have already written tutorials, in this summary, we hope to give you a reference and comparison.

Because we usually need to build a web server to test the website modification effect. Every time we build them manually, people will get annoyed. many good people have developed a web server suite for us for free. thank you very much! If you think they are good, donate them, donate!

I. USB webserver

1. USB webserver is a free computer website setup tool. This software allows users to quickly build necessary host kits for PHP Version, Apache, PhpMyAdmin, MySQL, and other websites, allowing you to easily build your own websites.

2. I have used a lot of resources, but I have not set the function of adding virtual machines. Therefore, I can only manually add them myself. This is a green product, which can be used directly after decompression. if uninstalling, you can directly delete the decompressed folder, which is quite clean.

3. the current version is USBWebserver v8.5 and the environment is WAMP, including:

  • PHP Version 5.3.9
    Apache 2.2.21
    For MySQL 5.5

4. USB webserver, Official website: Usbwebserver V8

5. there was a previous article on the topic introduction of the tribe: USB webserver quickly builds a one-click server platform for the Web server environment.

II. The uniform server

1. The Uniform Server is a WAMP package running on Windows platform. This facilitates the establishment of the server platform and developer testing .. The software only has 10 MIB, and the latest Apache2, Perl5, PHP5, MySQL5, and phpMyAdmin are installed.

2. build the WAMP environment (Windows: Apache + MySQL + PHP ). Currently, there are two versions: The Uniform Server and The miniServers. It is also free of charge.

3. here is The uniform server, Official website: The Uniform Server

III. Apache Friends

1. the environment set up by Apache Friends is XAMPP, which includes the Apache release version of MySQL, PHP, and Perl. XAMPP is very easy to install and use. so far, XAMPP has four versions (Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, and Solaris) and are free of charge:

2. XAMPP for Windows, including Apache, MySQL, PHP + PEAR, Perl, mod_php, mod_perl, mod_ssl, OpenSSL, phpMyAdmin, Webalizer, Mercury Mail Transport System, Ming, JpGraph, fileZilla FTP Server, mcrypt, eAccelerator, SQLite and WEB-DAV + mod_auth_mysql.

3. if the installation package is installed, it will be written to the registry. without the installation package, you can directly decompress the package and delete the package.

4. the tribe has started using Apache Friends earlier. XAMPP is a three-step route to build a local server:

  • 1. install XAMPP In Windows wordpress
  • 2. install the latest version of wordpress in Windows
  • 3. install and debug the WordPress theme plug-in: A local WordPress test is used as an example.

4. download the latest xampp version.(Window System 32-bit ). Official website: XAMPP Installers and Downloads for Apache Friends

IV. Phpnow

1. The free green Apache + PHP + MySQL environment package under Win32 is unavailable. Simple installation and quick setup of PHP environments supporting virtual hosts. With the PnCp. cmd control panel, you can quickly configure your suite for ease of use.

2. PHPnow is green. unzip the package and execute Setup. cmd initialization to get a PHP + MySQL environment. Then you can directly install Discuz !, PHPWind, DeDe, WordPress, and other programs.

3. PHPnowOfficial website: ServKit | PHPnow green PHP suite = Apache + PHP + MySQL + phpMyAdmin, instantly built


1. WAMPSERVER is the Windos Apache Mysql PHP integrated installation environment, that is, the apache, php, and mysql server software under the window. PHP extension and Apache Module. you can enable or disable the configuration file by clicking the mouse and no longer need to modify the configuration file.

2. the French version of this product is full. it was originally used to build an environment for testing, so it provides different apche, php, and mysql versions, it is convenient for us to test the differences between different versions.

3. here is WAMPSERVER, Official website: WampServer, la plate-forme de d paishiveloppement Web sous Windows

6. Apache/Nginx green PHP Server Suite UPUPW

1. The product is also available in two versions: apache and nginx. Recently, it was tested to support virtual machine addition, but it is a bit uncomfortable that it can only be placed in the root directory of the D disk.

2. you cannot select a directory at will. if you want to add another directory, you just need to modify its configuration file. The official introduction is as follows:

3. the upupw php environment integration package is currently the most distinctive PHP Server Suite on Windows, including Apache and Nginx (Apache/Nginx + PHP + MySQL + phpMyAdmin + ZendGuardLoader + eAccelerator).

4. the upupw php environment integration package can run on any version of any Windows system architecture. Apache uses the fcgid module to run the PHP5 program efficiently and MPM to modularize the structure, the integrated package is completely green and free of charge. it is ready for use after extraction, and you can exit without uninstalling it.

5. UPUPW (Apache version)And UPUPW (Nginx version), Official website: UPUPW green server platform-Apache | Nginx | Kangle free server PHP suite


1. APMServ is used to quickly build an Apache + PHP + MySQL + Nginx + Memcached + ASP platform with one click. this is developed by Dr. Zhang. you can try it. I have never used it, so it is hard to say that the interface and function control management are more detailed and comprehensive than others.

2. of course, this requires a higher level for the operator. Otherwise, it is a bit empirical to check whether or not the parameters are enabled and how many values are modified.

3. official website: official APMServ website

8. PHPStudy

1. the PHPStudy package integrates the latest Apache + PHP + MySQL + phpMyAdmin + Zend Loader for one-time installation and can be used without configuration. it is a very convenient and easy-to-use PHP debugging environment.

2. The program is green, compact, and simple with only 13 M Mini, with a dedicated control panel. To learn PHP, you only need one package. There are still some users, and the author also has phpfind (six sets, integrated with the latest Nginx + PHP + MySQL + SQL-Front + Zend Guard Loader + XCache) and phpLight (integrated with the latest Lighttpd + PHP + MySQL + SQL-Front + Zend Guard Loader + XCache .) You can also try two works.

3. the tribe already has a special introduction: Apache + MySQL + PHP debugging environment program integration package: phpStudy 2011

4. phpStudy 2011, Official website: php Tutorial _ phpStudy official website _ phpStudy 2014 download _ phpStudy tutorial

9. EasyPHP

1. EasyPHP helps you use PHP to manage data, develop sites, and applications. It is a good tool for debugging PHP programs. Integration: Apache 1.3.27, PHP 4.3.3, MySQL 4.0.15, and PhpMyAdmin 2.5.3.

2. EasyPHP, Official website: EasyPHP | Develop with Devserver and host with Webserver

10. one-click lnmp installation package and LLsMP

1. the lnmp one-click installation package produced by June. I think this is the most popular server suite in linux vps. I also use this tool. it is easy to modify and write shell scripts, it is highly intelligent, easy to expand, easy to upgrade, and convenient for webmasters who want to build multiple sites.

2. the lnmp one-click installation package also provides pseudo-static data for different web programs, such as wordpress and discuz. this is a very worry-free server suite that I strongly recommend in linux. This is what I use most, because it is usually tested in a linux environment.

3. the tribe has a detailed graphic installation tutorial: Linux VPS host LNMP one-click installation package with ultra-low memory: suitable for small-memory VPS website construction

3. LLsMP is short for Linux + Litespeed + MySQL + PHP. one-click installation package for configuring Litespeed Web Server, MySQL data server, and PHP on Linux. You only need to execute a few simple commands. the one-click installation package of LLsMP will help you automatically execute the installation and configuration, avoiding complicated and trivial processes.

4. detailed tutorial on LLsMP by Tribe: LiteSpeed installation in small memory VPS


1. you can test and use these ten Web server configuration software based on your own needs. radish and cabbage have their own love! Some people may say that, for example, lanmp and so on, these are all shell scripts and will not be described too much.

2. at the end of this article, these tools can only save the trouble of configuration. I suggest setting up these environments manually because php disables the function when the size limit of the uploaded files is modified, errors and other issues require you to be familiar with the configuration parameters.

From: Stride BlogEdited by the tribe and copyrighted by the original author. In addition to the source, all the articles on this site are original articles of the author, which can be freely referenced, but please indicate the source.


Hpstudy + discuz + nat123 build and publish a forum to the Internet
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  • Tags: php

  • Objectives:

Build and publish a Forum website to the Internet.

  • Preparation:

Prepare the relevant installation packages. Phpstudy installation package, discuz installation package, and nat123 installation package.

  • Implementation process

    Phpstudy setup and deployment:

    Phpstudy is actually a green unzipping package. double-click it and unzip it to your local computer.

    Discuz installation and deployment:

    1. decompress discuz and change the upload file to a custom file name, such as d:/bbs.

    2. enable phpstudy and configure the local website path d:/bbs and port

    3. access the local discuz URL in the browser, for example, IP address plus port or localhost plus port.

    4. the discuz installation prompt is displayed. follow the prompts to complete the wizard installation.Nat123 website:

    Enable nat123 Port ING and add ING. The Internet address can be your own domain name, and the Internet port can be 80. If the ING is successful, the website is published successfully.

  • Check if you can access the forum website through an Internet address! Like.

  • Iscuz, phpstudy, and nat123 are simple and easy-to-operate software. they can be used to quickly build and publish forum websites and serve websites. even a newbie can learn to publish websites within minutes. The procedure is as follows.

    • 1. phpstudy deployment. Double-click to install it locally. A simple step. If you are new, you can step by step and then modify the configuration customization in depth.

    • 2. install and deploy discuz. (1) Place the installation folder locally, start phpstudy, and add the discuz local path and port in "phpstudy/menu management/website domain name Management. Save the configuration and take effect. (2) when you access discuz in the browser, the Chinese installation wizard prompt appears. press the next step in the Wizard until the installation is successful.

    • Third, release the nat123 website. Start nat123 Port ING and add ING. The Internet port can be 80.

    • 4. test the website. After nat123 ING, the website can be accessed normally. The discuz Forum website is successfully released.

  • Currently, most people use open source forum websites. Nat123 is an open and free web application network platform. With discuz and nat123, you can easily build and deploy forum websites and publish them to the Internet. The implementation process is as follows.

    • 1. install and deploy the discuz Forum website.

    The installation process of the discuz Forum is relatively simple. The Chinese installation wizard of the browser prompts you to next to complete the installation.

    • 2. test the Forum website. After the forum website is successfully installed, you can test on the local machine to enable normal login access, and management background login access to view normal. At the same time, other hosts in the Lan can access the forum website. You can publish a post for testing.

    • 3. release the Nat123 website. Start nat123 Port ING and add ING. The intranet address is the LAN address used to access the forum website. The Internet address can be your own domain name, and the Internet port is 80.

    • 4. test the website. After successful nat123 ING, use an Internet address to access the website.

    • PhpStudy: how to modify the port and website directory (WWW directory)


      In my close test, if the path of the website directory contains Chinese characters, exceptions may occur. for example, apache cannot be started!

      Therefore, it is recommended that the path and folder name do not contain Chinese characters.

      PhpStudy: how to modify the port, how to modify the website directory (WWW directory ),

      Operations include:

      Text description: "Other options menu"-phpStudy settings-Port general settings, you can modify the interface.

      After modification, click the "application" button,

      It is best to restart the apache server in phpStudy.

    • Phpstudy: Port 80 or port 3306 usage solution
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      I found a variety of methods on the Internet, saying that I used commands to check the software that occupied the port and stopped it. I found that my port was occupied by the system process, and this process is not over yet.

      Tools/raw materials
      • PHPstudy
      1. 1

        Open PHPstudy and enable general port settings.

      2. 2

        Which of the two ports is occupied?

      3. 3

        Restart PHPstudy to solve all problems

    • Why am I prompted for this error?

    • Error info: Can't Connect MySQL Server (localhost: 3306 )!

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