How much does PHP training cost? PHP Training

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How much does PHP training cost? PHP Training

Many students join the Internet industry. The best way to get started is to learn PHP and web Front-end. Today, I will answer how much php training is.

PHP training is divided into three phases:

1. preliminary stage

The primary cost is a little lower. Refer to the training cost of qianfeng PHP for seven weeks. The fee is 6632.

2. Advanced Stage

The nine weeks of the advanced stage cost about 8500.

3. Premium stage

The cost of the three-week premium phase is about 2800 yuan.

Now all PHP versions are upgraded to PHP7, And the PHP course system is also upgraded. For details, refer to the official website of qianfeng PHP.

Learning Problems

Some people also mentioned how to study at work or how to learn PHP. I think this question really needs to be answered:

I think the best way to learn is to constantly develop projects. First of all, you must do your work on hand and do well. Every line of code you write is your face, you can't lose a copy. If a leader wants to promote you in the future, he will definitely think about you first, right ~

When studying Docker, you should pay attention to the fact that you can read more technical articles and recent technical trends. For example, if docker is very popular recently, you should first know what Docker is, how to use it. You don't have to study deeply. If you don't need anything, you don't have to study much. But the point is that you know a great technology. When the company's architecture needs to be adjusted, can you give us an opinion on whether we can use docker for the overall service architecture? After several days of research, we will provide a specific feasible solution. Then, you will be awesome ~ Awesome ~ Awesome ~.

I have upgraded to PHP7 now. Are you sure you want to take a look? Which content has been upgraded in PHP 7.

For the PHP language, it is necessary for the system to look at the language itself, and then the code architecture, what PHP-related design patterns, MVC, the concept of dependency injection (DI), container (IOC), reflection, and so on should be clearly understood. It takes more time and you are not so stupid ~

The following describes PHP-related server architectures, such as master-slave database replication, dynamic/static separation, Server Load balancer, reverse proxy, dual-active technology, queue, advanced cache, and full-text retrieval, you need to clear all these things, and you have to talk to others about the millions and tens of millions of architecture solutions, so that you will become awesome, don't worry. Just ask someone about how to use this array ~~~

In addition, I would like to share with you a very good way to quickly improve your personal experience. I insist on constantly searching for the architecture scheme of a certain large website on the Internet, such as Douban, Sina Weibo, and Baidu's search engine. Many articles have explained this well, I used some tall nouns and saw one learning one. It may have been difficult to understand at the beginning. No one can understand it at a time. You need to read it slowly and stick to it. In my words, it is called lasting ~ Persistent ~ Persistent ~

By the way, I would like to tell some white guys about finding PHP tutorials or related books on the Internet. I don't want to read any fast-paced training on PHP from entry-level to proficient, website construction, and webpage design, there is no nutrition. Read more articles in the PHP community.

Some friends who are studying PHP or want to attend the training may ask whether PHP is a good self-study or training. Which institution should they choose.

Learning Problems

The problem is as follows:

If you have a strong self-learning ability, you must first go to work and learn by yourself. Self-study at home is slow and easy to learn. I will not tell you how to learn programming from high school, from the Java language to C ++ to MFC, to the compilation principle, to Linux, to Android, iOS, finally, I chose PHP, PHP, and PHP (the best programming language in the world ~) *~~~

Remember that you must go to work and learn by yourself. Never do it yourself at home ~

If you cannot find a simple job by yourself, take the training.

So if I have to select a training institution, I recently contacted a guy named qianfeng education. One of my buddies is responsible for training qianfeng PHP, I have also been invited to share the technology several times. My overall feeling for this place is that it is really strict. In addition to listening to lectures, students write code constantly, and there is also a penalty writing system, where all the silent paper is piled up, very interesting. Then the overall syllabus over there is set to a very high level, for example, let's talk about PHP7, build a dependency injection mvc Framework, write a template engine, and many courses on server architecture, I think a three-year programmer may not have such a level. Then their average salary for employment is more than yuan...

There are still many other institutions, but some of them are not available. For example, in PHP100, the PHP tutorial taught by Teacher Zhang enmin is quite good, but it is said that he has another project on his own.

To sum up, you can still learn by yourself. If you cannot learn by yourself, go to training ~

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