How the log of Python is handled

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Configuration file:
1 #!/usr/bin/env python2 #-*-coding:utf-8-*-3 """4 Logging Configuration5 """6 7 ImportOS8 ImportLogging.config9 Ten #define three types of log output formats to start with One  AStandard_format ='[% (asctime)-S] [% (ThreadName) s:% (thread) d][task_id:% (name) s][% (filename) s:% (Lineno) d]'  -                   '[% (LevelName) s] [% (message) s]' -  theSimple_format ='[% (LevelName) s] [% (asctime) s][% (filename) s:% (Lineno) d]% (message) s' -  -Id_simple_format ='[% (LevelName) s] [% (asctime) s]% (message) s' -  + #define the end of the log output format -  +Logfile_dir = Os.path.dirname (Os.path.abspath (__file__))#Directory of log files A  atLogfile_name ='All2.log'  #log file name -  - #if the defined log directory does not exist, create a - if  notOs.path.isdir (logfile_dir): - Os.mkdir (Logfile_dir) -  in #full path of the log file -Logfile_path =Os.path.join (Logfile_dir, Logfile_name) to  + #Log Configuration Dictionary -Logging_dic = { the     'version': 1, *     'disable_existing_loggers': False, $     'formatters': {Panax Notoginseng         ' Standard': { -             'format': Standard_format, the             'datefmt':'%y-%m-%d%h:%m:%s', +         }, A         ' Simple': { the             'format': Simple_format +         }, -     }, $     'Filters': {}, $     'handlers': { -         'Console': { -             ' Level':'DEBUG', the             'class':'logging. Streamhandler',#Print to screen -             'Formatter':' Simple'Wuyi         }, the         'default': { -             ' Level':'DEBUG', Wu             'class':'Logging.handlers.RotatingFileHandler',#Save to file -             'filename': Logfile_path,#log File About             'MaxBytes': 1024*1024*5,#Log size 5M $             'Backupcount': 5, -             'Formatter':' Standard', -             'encoding':'Utf-8',#log file encoding, no longer worry about the Chinese log garbled -         }, A     }, +     'Loggers': { the         "': { -             'handlers': ['default','Console'],#This adds the two handler defined above, that is, the log data is written to the file and printed to the screen $             ' Level':'DEBUG', the             'Propagate': True,#upward (higher level of logger) pass the         }, the     }, the } -Logging.config.dictConfig (Logging_dic)#Import the configuration defined above inLogger = Logging.getlogger (__name__)#generate a log instance ('It works!')#record the running status of the file

To invoke the test file:
1 #!/usr/bin/env python2 #-*-coding:utf-8-*-3 """4 mylogging Test5 """6 7 Import Time8 ImportLogging9  fromLog_demoImportMy_logging#Import a custom logging configurationTen  OneLogger = Logging.getlogger (__file__)#Generating Logger instances A  -  - defdemo (): theLogger.debug ("start range ... time:{}". Format (Time.time ())) ("Chinese test begins ... ") -      forIinchRange (10): -Logger.debug ("i:{}". Format (i)) +Time.sleep (2) -     Else: +Logger.debug ("Over range ... time:{}". Format (Time.time ())) ("Chinese test finished ... ") at  - if __name__=="__main__": -Demo ()

How the log of Python is handled

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