How to apply for an Ev SSL Certificate

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How to apply for an Ev SSL Certificate

For website ranking alone, Baidu and Google respectively confirm that HTTPS websites rank higher than http websites. For details, click here: baidu open the https site announcement, HTTPS as a ranking signal. To adapt to the HTTPS trend, more and more security providers have launched free HTTP certificate services, such as startssl. China's vpasses have withdrawn from the free HTTP Certificate Service for one year, internet Security Research Group ( organization, dedicated to providing HTTP certificates for free.

HTTP certificates not only make websites more secure, but some security organizations have launched Extended Validation certificates for enterprises and organizations, also known as Ev SSL, which not only protects website content, organizations are also reviewed to reduce network fraud in a large number of programs. When users visit your website, most browsers will display the company name and provide a trust ID. If you have a foreign trade enterprise website, I recommend that you consider using the Ev SSL certificate on the website.

How to apply for an Ev SSL Certificate

Due to the special nature of Ev SSL certificates, you can apply for verification of website ownership, unlike applying for a website certificate. In addition to verifying the ownership of the website, Ev SSL also reviews the enterprise situation, procedures are cumbersome. If you are in trouble, you can find a domestic agent. Of course, the advantage of direct application is that the price is cheaper. Next, I will share with you the process of applying for a GeoTrust Ev SSL certificate.

1. Open the GeoTrust website, select Products-> SSL Certificates-> True BusinessID with Ev, click Buy $299 (USD 299 per year), select the time and number of attachment domain names, and click Continue, then create a user or log on, enter the certificate information to be authenticated, note that the organization name and region and the domain name to be protected must be authentic and valid, and then enter the Organization Contact and technical contact, if no one else is responsible for this project, you 'd better write it yourself. At that time, geotrust may contact you by phone for details and verification.

2. Click continue to settle and pay. Next, you need to generate a key pair on your computer and run the following command on linux:
Openssl genrsa-out server. key 2048 generates and saves the Private key
Openssl req-new-key server. key-out server. csr is used to generate a certificate request file. You must enter the country name, province, city, organization name, Department name, general name, email address, password, and so on.

3. Copy the content of server. csr to the position of the csr required by GeoTrust next, and click Submit. Your certificate will enter the review status.

Next we need to do some other work:
The whois information of the updated domain name is the same as the authentication information in the certificate. If whois is protected, you must set it to public visible. Because my domain name was previously set to public visible, geoTrust did not find my status. They sent me an email asking me to confirm the domain name's confirmation email.

Then I will reply to them to confirm my domain name confirmation email, and then they will send an email to this mailbox, fill it in according to the format he requested, and go back to it.

Then, you can send a scanned copy of your company's organization code, business license, and tax registration certificate together by email, if your enterprise can query through the National Enterprise Credit Information System (, you can also attach the query result address.
If the problem persists, GeoTrust will query the company contact information through its channels, and then contact the previously filled enterprise contact for final confirmation.
After the confirmation is successful, I will give you a call and send you an email. Open the address in the email and fill in the Verification Code he told you on the phone. after submitting the email, the certificate will soon come down.

Geotrust is still very efficient. It takes only 10 days to apply for a certificate from the beginning.

Several Questions

1. What should I do if I don't know Chinese? They have a Chinese version in the background, and both pre-sales and after-sales support Chinese.
Can it be completed in 2 or 10 days? It only took me 10 days to get my certificate from the beginning. It does not mean that I can do this for all 10 days. For some companies that have just established a public domain that cannot find information, it may take longer. For Ev SSL authentication information, click here "True BusinessID with EV Validation Requirements.

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