How to back up configuration files for Cisco, ruijie, And Juniper

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How to back up configuration files for Cisco, ruijie, And Juniper Devices

For a company of a certain scale, network device configuration file backup is also a task that cannot be ignored, to prevent one day after your network device fails, you can recover in the shortest time, reduces losses for the company.

The following describes the backup operations for several devices:

I. Specific ideas:

1. Download ftp software and TFTP Software

2. Configure the ftp software user name, password, and configuration file storage directory)

3. log on to a network device

4. perform backup operations

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Ii. Cisco devices:

SW-2960-2> en


SW-2960-2 #Copy running-config tftp: //

Address or name of remote host []?

Destination filename [sw-2960-2-confg]?Sw-2960-2-confg_20131128// Name the exported configuration file


4960 bytes copied in 1.502 secs (3302 bytes/sec)

SW-2960-2 #

Iii. ruijie equipment:

F1-RJ-S2352G-3 #Copy running-config tftp:

Address of remote host []? Enter the IP address of your computer

Destination filename []?F1-RJ-S2352G-3_20131128// Name the exported configuration file

Building configuration...

Accessing running-config...

Success: Transmission success, file length 3726

You can compare the difference between ruijie and Cisco. When you enter an IP address, you will find it different.

Iv. Juniper vro and vswitch:

Jex4200 @ 3F-J-SW-EX4200-2>Show configuration | save 3F-J-SW-EX4200-2// Save the configuration file as "3F-J-SW-EX4200-2 ".

Wrote 837 lines of output to '3f-J-SW-EX4200-2'

{Master: 0}

Jex4200 @ 3F-J-SW-EX4200-2>Ftp Connect to the FTP server. The ip address is the ip address of your computer.

Connected to

220 3Com 3 CDaemon FTP Server Version 2.0

Name ( lthzjex4200 ):Admin// Enter the user name set for your ftp software

331 the user name is correct and a password is required

Password: // enter the Password of the user name and press ENTER

230 The user has logged on

Remote system type is UNIX.

Ftp>Put 3F-J-SW-EX4200-23F-J-SW-EX4200-2_2013

1128// Export the configuration file. "3F-J-SW-EX4200-2_20131128" indicates the name of the exported configuration file.

Local: 3F-J-SW-EX4200-2 remote: 3F-J-SW-EX4200-2_20131128

200 PORT command successful.

150 the File status is normal. Prepare to start the data connection.

100% | ************************************** * *********** | 16961 --: -- ETA

226 closing data connection; file transfer completed successfully.

16961 bytes sent in 0.13 seconds (127.28 KB/s)


221 service close control connection

{Master: 0}

Jex4200 @ 3F-J-SW-EX4200-2>Exit// Exit

V. Juniper Firewall:

CD-ST-FW-J-SSG5->Save config to tftp CD-ST-FW-J-SSG5_20131128

Read the current config.

Save deployments (11920 bytes) to CD-ST-FW-J-SSG5_20131128 on TFTP server

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!

Tftp transferred records = 24

Tftp success!

TFTP Succeeded


The following are related software


If you have any comments, please leave a message for discussion. There is no technical boundary and the same progress will be pursued.

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