How to become a good Linux ops person?

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today I would like to talk about "how to become a good Linux OPS personnel?" " I will be from the following three sections and you analyze the current situation of the Linux industry and how to learn and use good Linux."

first, the Linux industry status

We know that Linux was born in 1991, it is very rapid development abroad, even if more and more applications in the country to the Linux platform, but Linux in the eyes of most people still do not know, and even a few years in the Windows platform of developers, may have never used. The main reasons are as follows:

1. Higher entry threshold

because Linux is a UNIX-like operating system, we all know that UNIX is a relatively early operating system, its design itself is not for the general public, but engaged in computer professionals. Although Linux is relatively friendly to the general public, it is still not an easy-to-grasp operating system for ordinary people. Because many people are too affected by Microsoft's Windows operating system, it is very unaccustomed to Linux, a system that operates primarily on a command-line basis. So the Linux line of the threshold is still high.

Another important factor is that the majority of the distributions support the Chinese language is not good, in other words, there is no way to support the Chinese too well. Because of the relatively low level of knowledge involved in Linux, except that the GUI can provide the Chinese interface, basically we see English. If you are a Linux ops person, you know very well that the Linux you deal with every day is rarely able to see Chinese. So English is a major obstacle to learning Linux, especially computer English is completely different from the English we learned in school. Why do you say that?

Exam-oriented English grammar, CET-4 people know that almost every question is a change of the grammar of the test. and computer English is actually very kind, the computer tells you must be a statement rather than a reminder of the death of you a rhetorical question or a complex sentence. For example, when you enter a command to execute, if the command computer does not find, it will tell you directly: XXX Cammand is not found it will not ask you: Does this command really exist? The statement that wants to smoke it. So the key to computer English is the need to master a large number of nouns and terminology .

2. Proficiency in difficult

The current state of the country is that Windows operations are not as good as Linux operations. So a lot of people want to do operations and Windows operations to choose Linux operations, there are a lot of relevant training institutions, online book video endless. But it's not easy to really go deep into advanced Linux operations, and the main reasons are as follows:

Ability is proportional to work. "How much capacity, the responsibility of how much", in the operation of the line, no one graduated is the great God, to know that operations and other industries, operation and maintenance needs is not "talent" but "experienced". Operation of this line is a stable word, a good operation and maintenance personnel should be a good housekeeper, his best state is to ensure that all the normal home under the premise of "doing nothing." No situation is the best situation, but we usually can not decide whether there is a problem, so the first time to find a solution and implementation of a professional operations personnel need to have. In this context, the greater the experience of large projects, the more powerful, the more experienced the more able to hold the scene. And the growth of this ability is closely related to the environment in which you work, if you are a small company, you may not be able to remove the large cluster operations, if you are in a large company, a large project can lead you to upgrade a grade. It is not the ability to learn but the opportunity to hone.

3. Good prospects

Span style= "font-size:18px" >    10 years ago All the companies focused on network technology, So that time network engineering Normal University hot. Now the big company's network has already taken shape, the market ccie everywhere is visible, the network technology threshold is getting lower. Today, the Linux industry is emerging, in the cloud environment, the market for the high-level Linux operators will be increasingly demanding. Such talent is not mass production, senior OPS is not what you want to do, want to do. a position is most feared that people who work in other positions can easily replace you , if so, the position is not worth the money. If you are not desirable, then pay naturally is irreplaceable. In the initial phase of Linux operations, it can be replaced, Linux is an operating system, is just a tool. A developer who is often developing under Linux can replace a Linux junior ops person. However, if the advanced Ops, the developer is unable to replace the OPS personnel. Advanced Operations is a very professional position, advanced operations need to master a considerable amount of knowledge, including but not limited to network technology, system programming, operation and maintenance processes and ideas, virtualization, automated operation and maintenance system construction, database management, cloud computing platform applications, big data and so on. An OPS person needs to have the idea of a developer, but it is not overnight to know whether a developer is able to master the operational processes, ideas, and experiences accumulated over the years, so the advanced Linux operation is definitely the scarce talent of the big company at present. One might argue with me that an advanced developer is more scarce. Yes, I agree with you, so I'll analyze for you why I think Linux advanced operations are more scarce.

Analysis: Whether an industry practitioner is scarce we have to look at demand from a supply-and-demand point of view.

requirements. At present, more and more applications on Linux, a large company will be the entire platform from the original Windows to Linux, Windows Ops maybe you can find some other people to do, but I believe that whether you are a large company or a small company, will not be the Linux operations do not pay attention to. Big companies are not bad money, small companies do not understand, you do not understand the more you want to find a professional people to help you care. So Although the demand base is not big, but the demand is strong.

Supply. There are no programming courses in the university, but there are few Linux-related courses. and currently engaged in Linux operations are mostly halfway decent, a gate to do Linux operation is too little, this is because the operation is an experience-led to the ability to assist the industry, because it is a high-level Linux operations, not after years of exercise to reach a higher state. As the senior Linux operators often grow along with the company's projects, and this kind of person is often the company's key positions, imagine a company's advanced Linux operations to grasp the company's large number of operations and maintenance materials and project experience, the company does not want to easily release people, individuals will not easily jump job. Every company is different. You have to adapt to the new OPS team, develop new operations tools and platforms, this risk is not easy for individuals to try, so the advanced Linux operations are not very mobile people.

There is also a very important reason, first-class master disdain to do operations , is indeed a logistics department, like everyone playing football like to play forward, very few people say I like to be a defender. And on the same level of development than the operation of the wages of the high. But it is for this reason that ordinary people like us have the opportunity to do what God does not want to do, and not to compete with those who genius the great gods.

So, I personally think that the Linux advanced operation will be the cloud computing environment of the scarce talent, note that I am talking about advanced.

second, learn Linux two kinds of people

as far as the circle around me is concerned, most of the Linux learning is actually divided into two situations:

1. Interests

In this case, the majority of students, some of them through the teacher learned that Linux feel very interested, and then to learn Linux. As most of the students do not go to the special training courses, so the majority of self-study. My side of this example rarely have learned good, most will enter a misunderstanding, to study the GUI which kind of beautiful what kind of gorgeous go. The reason for this is that after learning the basics of Linux, many people get into a bottleneck and do not know what to do with what they have learned. Once we learn the knowledge of the use, it will be the knowledge of the rejection of the psychological, feel useless , produced a play GUI misunderstanding. But I know there are good examples of learning, but this student is to do the development, learning Linux is only because of the need to develop under Linux, so the study is very good, but he will be a good back-end developers, but not necessarily do operation and maintenance.

2. Work needs

In this case, most of the work requires the use of Linux systems, have to learn. Some will choose to study on their own, but because most of the work is based on wealth, there are many people who go to training courses to achieve short-term crash. These people will get started faster, a lot of people can learn, and slowly develop into a good Linux OPS personnel.

In these two cases, the latter is actually more easy to learn Linux, the root cause is: if it is by interest, learning and not learning will not have a great impact on your life, you should attend classes, work, no one to urge you to study, no one to force you to learn. Even if you lose interest in Linux, you can learn other interesting knowledge, which is actually a hobby problem .

But the latter is different, the company requirements, will not be able to explain, will not be able to work. The boss commanded the task is there, learned to work, learn not to leave, you say that under the pressure you can not learn it. I believe that you do not sleep overtime and want to learn Linux, will not have no work, no work, no food to eat, this is a survival problem . So the two are essentially different, because the latter is due to the actual work needs to drive learning, so the learned things can be applied in the actual work immediately, so it will feel that the learning is very own, then the study is more motivated, when your boss to pay you, you will be more motivated, All this is to learn that Linux brings me the wealth, what reason not to learn it better?

third, how to get started

This is actually a commonplace problem, said simple: Kong mulberry becomes satin . Learning is not a matter of overnight, long-time perseverance will give you a report. But I still want to give some advice to students who want to learn Linux by themselves:

1. No matter how poor your base, find a system of books from start to finish, whether you can understand at least a mix face familiar. If you feel a lot of difficulty, you can look for video tutorials on the web. Remember that watching video is the least efficient way to learn, but it's the easiest way to get started. If you read my highly recommended "bird Brother's Linux private dishes", very systematic very detailed very deep.

2. Do not touch the GUI

3. Ask more questions and think, and find your own answers without resorting to others easily. You ask the question will not be state secrets, Baidu and Google will have a lot of information for you to learn, to know that you asked the great God he is also from the Internet to obtain this knowledge, you do not want to someday become the same God as him?

4. Do not worry about English, as long as you insist on reading English documents, not the words to look up the dictionary, not long you will find it better to read English than to understand the Chinese. (Even if you're as CET-4 as I have been ^_^)

5. Perseverance is victory, halfway as not to learn, think well go down, otherwise please do not take the first step.

6. It is also a pleasure to talk to others and to help others, and perhaps the question that he asks is probably the next question you will encounter.

7. For the training course, if you want to know the RHCE card, please step into my other post "about the Red Hat rhce exam" 7740405

Iv. How to become a professional Linux senior operation and maintenance personnel

If you have the opportunity and the condition, please boldly do the project which you have never done, each project is a great improvement to oneself, the environment can hone a person's ability and will. Have good environmental resources do not waste, good grasp, and slowly progress.

If you do not have these opportunities for the time being, please try to improve your ability to be a ready person, maybe the opportunity will come soon.

If you feel that there is no room for development, try to change the status quo, the comfortable environment will not make a professional OPS staff progress.

no matter when and where always maintain a good mentality, careful, calm, self-confidence, progressive, humble, character determine fate, habits affect achievements.

PS: The above remarks for personal views, only for reference and advice, such as different views, please smile, do not have to delve into.

How to become a good Linux ops person?

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