How to become an excellent Linux O & M personnel?

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How to become an excellent Linux O & M personnel?

Today, I want to talk about how to become a good linux O & M personnel ?" I will analyze the current situation of the Linux industry from the following three parts and how to learn and use linux well.

I. Status Quo of the linux Industry

We know that Linux was born in 1991, and its development abroad is very rapid. Even though more and more domestic applications are turning to the linux platform, most people still don't know about Linux, even a developer who has been working on windows platform for many years may have never used it. The main reasons are as follows:

1. High entry threshold

Since linux is a UNIX-like operating system, we all know that UNIX is a relatively early operating system, and its design is not for the general public, but for computer professionals. Although linux is more user-friendly than UNIX, it is still not an operating system that ordinary people can easily master. Because many people are too deeply influenced by Microsoft's windows operating system, it is not used to linux systems that operate mainly in the form of command lines. Therefore, the threshold for Linux is high.

Another important factor is that the support for Chinese in most releases is not good. In other words, there is no way to support Chinese too well. Since Linux involves a relatively low level of knowledge, apart from the Chinese interface provided by the GUI, we basically see English. If you are a Linux O & M engineer, you know very well that the linux operating system you deal with every day rarely sees Chinese characters. Therefore, English is a major obstacle to learning Linux, especially computer English. Why?

Exam English focuses on syntax, who have passed the examination of CET-4 know that almost every question is changed to the way of the examination syntax. Computer English is actually very generous. What the computer tells you must be a declarative sentence rather than a dead prompt for a rhetorical question or complex statement. For example, when you enter a command for execution, if the computer does not find the command, it will directly tell you: xxx command is not found and it will not ask you: does this command really exist? The statement that you want to extract. Therefore, the key to computer English lies in the needMaster a large number of terms and terminology.

2. Difficult to master

The current situation in China is that we all know that windows O & M is relatively inferior to the Linux O & M salary level. Therefore, many O & M personnel who want to do O & M and windows O & M want to choose Linux O & M. Currently, there are also many related training institutions, and online books and videos are endless. However, it is not easy to go deep into advanced linux O & M for the following reasons:

Capability is proportional to work. "How much capability is, how much responsibility is". In the O & M field, no one graduated from the class and is a great God. You must know that O & M is different from other industries,O & M requires not "different talents", but "rich experience". O & M requires a stable word. A good O & M personnel should be a good manager. His best state is to "do nothing" on the premise that everything is normal at home ". No is the best case, but we usually cannot decide whether a problem can be solved. Therefore, it is necessary for a professional O & M personnel to find a solution and implement it as soon as a problem occurs. On this premise, the more experienced the project, the more powerful the experience, the more experienced the experience can hold the scene. The growth of this capability is closely related to your work environment. If you are a small company, you may not be able to access the O & M of large clusters. If you are in a large company, A large project can lead you to a higher level.What you want to master is not the ability to learn but the opportunity to hone.

3. Good prospects

A decade ago, some companies paid attention to network technology, so network engineers were very popular at that time. Today, the networks of large companies have already taken shape, and CCIE on the market is everywhere. The threshold for network technology is getting lower and lower. Now, with the rise of the linux Industry, the demand for linux senior O & M personnel is growing in the cloud computing environment. Such talents cannot be produced in batches. Advanced O & M is not something you want to do.One of the biggest fears of a job is that people in other positions can easily replace you.If so, this position is not worth the money. If you are not available, your salary is naturally irreplaceable. In the initial stage of Linux O & M, it can be replaced. After all, Linux is an operating system and only a tool. A developer who often works in linux can replace a linux O & M personnel. However, if advanced O & M is required, developers cannot replace O & M personnel. Senior O & M is a very professional position. It requires a lot of knowledge, including but not limited to network technology, system programming, O & M processes and ideas, virtualization, automated O & M system construction, database management, cloud computing platform applications, big data, and so on. An O & M personnel must have the idea of a developer, but it is not an overnight task for a developer to master the O & M processes, thoughts, and experience systems accumulated over the years, therefore, advanced linux O & M is definitely a scarce talent for large companies. Someone may Refute me: a Senior developer is more scarce. Yes, I agree with you, so I will analyze why I think linux advanced O & M is more scarce.

Analysis: whether employees in an industry are scarce depends on the supply and demand.

Requirement. At present, more and more applications are applied in linux in China. Some large companies transfer the entire platform from the original windows to Linux. For windows O & M, you may find some other personnel to do it, but I believe that no matter whether you are a large company or a small company, you will never attach no importance to Linux O & M. Big companies don't have money, but small companies don't understand anything at all. The more you want to find a professional person to help you with things you don't know. Therefore, although the demand base is not large, the demand willingness is strong.

Supply. Currently, no programming courses are offered in any university, but there are few Linux-related courses. At present, most of the users who are engaged in Linux O & M are half the way out of the house. As soon as they leave the school, there are too few O & M jobs for Linux. This is because O & M is an industry dominated by experience and assistance, because it is an advanced Linux O & M service, it cannot reach a high level without years of training. As linux senior O & M personnel often grow along with the company's projects, such personnel are often key positions in the company, imagine a company's advanced Linux O & M has a lot of O & M Materials and project experience, and the company does not want to put people easily, and individuals will not easily change jobs. Every company is different. If you change to a company, you need to adapt to the new O & M team and develop new O & M tools and platforms. This risk will not be easily attempted by individuals, therefore, Senior Linux O & M personnel are not very mobile.

There is another important reason,First-class experts are dedicated to O & MIndeed, O & M is a logistics department. Just like everyone playing football, they like to play forward. Few people say they like to be backguard. In addition, development on the same level is higher than O & M. However, because of this, ordinary talents like ours have the opportunity to do things that the gods don't want to do, so they don't have to compete with those masters.

Therefore, I personally think that linux advanced O & M will be a scarce talent in the cloud computing environment. Note that I am talking about advanced.


2. Learn about Linux

As far as the circle around me is concerned, most of the learning of Linux is actually divided into two situations:

1. Interest

In this case, most of the students are involved. Some of them are interested in linux and then learn about linux. Most of the students will not go to specialized training courses, so they are mostly self-taught. This kind of examples around me rarely learn well, and most of them will go into a misunderstanding to study what kind of GUI looks good and what kind of beauty is going on. The reason for this is that after learning the basic knowledge of linux, many people will enter a bottleneck and do not know what to do with what they have learned.Once we do not know what we have learned, we will reject what we have learned and feel useless., Causing a misunderstanding of playing the GUI. However, I know some good examples, but this student is engaged in development. To learn about linux, I just learned how to develop it in linux, so I learned very quickly, however, he will be a good backend developer in the future, but he may not necessarily perform O & M.

I 'd like to say a few words about the linux GUI. GUI is a good thing, but it is not good for linux beginners. The first thing to overcome when learning Linux is getting rid of the long-term influence of windows. For linux, the GUI is actually a shell, but a graphical shell. Therefore, you cannot say that the command line is good, and the GUI is not good. If you are developing a GUI, it is understandable to study the GUI. If you are just a cainiao, that is, playing with wallpapers and changing themes, these things are useless for learning linux.

2. Work needs

In this case, most of the work requires a Linux system and you have to learn it. Some of them will choose to learn by themselves. However, most of them still have some wealth base when they go to work, and many people attend training courses to achieve a short speed. These personnel will get started quickly, and many others will be able to learn well and gradually develop into a good linux O & M personnel.

In the above two cases,The latter is actually easier to learn about linuxThe root cause is: if you are interested, learning or not learning will not have a great impact on your life. You should attend classes, go to work, and no one will urge you to study, no one forces you to learn. Even if you lose interest in Linux, you can learn other things that interest you,This is actually a hobby..

However, if the latter is different, the company will not be able to explain what it requires, and will not be able to work. The task the boss told me was there. Once you learned it, you could work. If you didn't learn it, you wouldn't leave. You said you could do it under such pressure. I believe that you want to learn Linux even if you work overtime and don't go to bed. If you don't have a job, you don't have to eat,This is a survival issue. Therefore, the two are essentially different. because the latter is driven by actual work requirements, what you learn can be applied immediately in actual work, therefore, you will find that what you have learned is very useful, so you will be more motivated to learn. When your boss increases your salary, you will be more motivated, all of this is the wealth that Linux brings to me. Why cannot I learn it better?


3. How to get started

This is actually an old-fashioned question, which is simple:As long as the kung fu is deeply tempered into a needle. Learning is not an overnight task. It takes a long period of persistence to report to you. But I still want to give some suggestions to those who want to learn linux:

1. No matter how poor your infrastructure is, find a systematic book and read it from the beginning to the end, whether you can understand it or not, at least look familiar. If you find it difficult, you can look for video tutorials on the network. Remember that watching videos is the most efficient method of learning, but it is the easiest way to learn. If I read a book, I strongly recommend "laruence's Linux private house dish", which is very detailed and in-depth.

2. Do not touch the GUI

3. ask more questions and think more. Do not turn to other people for answers by yourself. None of the questions you ask Will be state secrets. Baidu and google will have a lot of information for you to learn. You need to know the great god you want to teach. He also obtains this knowledge from the Internet, do you want to be the same as him one day?

4. Don't worry about English. As long as you insist on reading English documents and can't search for words, you will find that reading English is better than reading Chinese. (Even if you are like me, CET-4 has not passed ^_^)

5. Persistence is a victory. If you quit halfway, you can leave without learning. If you think about it, go on. Otherwise, please do not take the first step.

6. Talking with others, helping others is also a pleasure and improving yourself. Maybe the question he asks may be your next question.

4. How to become a professional senior linux O & M personnel

If you have the opportunity and conditions, please be bold in your project that you have never done before. Every project is a great improvement to yourself, and the environment can hone your abilities and Will. Do not waste good environmental resources. Please take good measures and make progress slowly.

If you do not have these opportunities for the moment, please try to improve your abilities and be prepared. Maybe the opportunity will come soon.

If you feel that there is no room for development and try to change the status quo, a comfortable environment will not make a professional O & M personnel progress.

Always keep a good attitude at any time and place, be careful, calm, confident, motivated, humble, character determines fate, habits affect achievement.

PS:The above comments are personal opinions. They are for reference only and suggestions. If you have different opinions, please smile and you don't have to go into it..

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