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This tutorial introduces the red tail method of Photoshop's amazing Hollywood movie posters to my friends at the foot of the House. The results produced by this tutorial are very beautiful and recommended to the foot of the house, let's take a look at it. this tutorial mainly uses Photoshop to create red-tail Hollywood movie posters. during the Spring Festival, every day, there will be a poster tutorial for a classic Hollywood film, with a high quality, after reading the exercises, you can relax in a rising posture. The fifth movie is Douban's "Red Tail" with a 6.4 rating. popular short comments: This is the first film created by luasma film since 1994, which is not the subject of "Raiders of the ship" and "Star Wars. Okay. let's take a look!


Note: The tutorial focuses on ideas. you just need to find your favorite materials.

Create a new canvas with a resolution of 1000 in width and in height.

Place a picture of the city of Bird's Nest.

Rotate it to make the Horizon tilt a little so that the screen is more dynamic. I rotated 20.7 degrees. Why not it's 21 or 20? This is amazing. this is a kind of psychological problem, commonly known as "first-in-first-class". when I think this angle makes me feel comfortable, I can't stand it anymore.

Add another sky chart.

The city has a bird's eye view, and the sky also rotates 20.7 degrees to unify the angle of view.

Add a mask on the Sky layer and select a suitable brush to make the horizon as natural and authentic as possible.

Click the black and white icon below to add a color saturation Adjustment Layer. I will reduce the saturation a little.

Then I used a lot of adjustment layers to make the entire picture more depressing and decadent, showing the cruelty and ruthlessness of the war.

Continue to create a new layer, and use a black brush to paint around it to make the corners darker.

After the main tone is complete, you can package the above adjustment layers and four-corner dark layers into groups to make the interface concise.

After that, I spent a lot of time searching for the smoke image that took up when the building was bombed. this one fits my standards and does not bother with the sea. you can choose only smoke in the Channel.

Copy the blue channel. I think the blue channel is the most suitable for processing. Now I have a summary: Channel is contrast. I don't know if anyone has expressed any objection.

You can use only the color order or curve to process it a little bit.

Press CTRL + I to reverse the color. Use a black paint brush to black the sea waves and smoke from a distance. Then, use a transparent color to white the smoke.

CTRL + Left mouse to get the selection area, add a mask in the smoke layer.

Adjust the size and angle of the copied smoke layer.

Create a new layer under the smoke layer, and use a black paint brush to draw some shadows in the direction of the smoke. In view of the limited light at that time, the shadow of the smog in the sky should not be very obvious.

We found the SU27, Russia, which was hosted by Tianchao's shanzhai on J11. when you see a map of this nature, don't worry about what channels are causing headaches, it must be a pen.

Copy to the "air combat" canvas and adjust the position and size.

Add several adjustment layers to it to reduce the saturation level, just like the previous smoke processing. Increase the contrast with the color order, and use a color balance to bring the aircraft's color closer to the overall color.

To show the intensity of the battle, I looked around for smoke graphs.

Process the channel, copy it to "Air Combat", and set the location.

Adjust the color and contrast of the smoke. like the smoke, it should also have some shadows.

I need more bombing.

After processing the data, it is copied to "Air Combat". it is limited to the limited scope of smoke. I put it behind the cover of the airplane wing, and the location is almost seamless.

Adjust the color, and of course there are shadows.

Continue bombing.

After the channel is processed, it is copied to "Air Combat.

Adjust the position and size.

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