How to do Java development to achieve 20,000 monthly salary, what level of technology is required __java

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All say that programmers pay a high salary, as a Java developer programmer, get 20,000 of the salary, what technology needs, the new programmer how to achieve a monthly salary of 20,000.

In general, Java programmers with a monthly salary of 20,000 belong to intermediate programmers. It's just that the technology is a little bit better, and it's not the architect level, the level of skill depends on a few things.

1. The ability to complete the project independently and which projects have been completed, at least the 6+ project. The project has more experience, and the ability to understand the requirements will be much better.

2. The technical framework used for their projects is clear enough to answer how to choose. Does not require to be able to do the structure of the selection now, but must understand their original project architecture system.

3. Whether there is enough understanding of the current situation of industry technology, whether there is active learning performance. This is to see a person's horizons open, 15K programmer I do not require these. 20K programmers have to read some of the mainstream systems, even if you say a few nouns.

4. The largest number of data processed, there is no more than tens water. The maximum number of concurrent numbers processed and how much TPS can be reached.

5. Understand the distribution and caching, what the RPC framework uses, and how the cache expiration policy is handled.

6. The ability to quickly resolve online failures, whether familiar with bugs and online bug Emergency repair process.

7. Familiar with the project tools, such as JENKINS,NEXUS,CONFLUENCE,WIKI,GIT,SVN and other items commonly used.

8. Understanding of performance tuning, how much the GC algorithm knows. In the work, for the technology more attention to use level, do not ambitious, in the computer Foundation is not solid situation, always want to do architecture, get distributed, make big data and so on.

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