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Communication is the first feature of the media, there is no media without communication, replication is the first prerequisite of communication, without replication there is no transmission. We refer to newspapers, radio and television as media because of the mass reproduction of newspapers through print, and radio and television for mass reproduction. We now call the network the media, because the network media can use the Internet for large-scale replication.

Copies of newspapers are carried out at the printing plant; the reproduction of the radio and television is carried out in the radio and television; the replication of the network media is done in the browser. Like radio and television, the network media to complete the replication, not only to solve the problem of the audience (users want to buy radios, televisions, computers, etc.), but also to solve the problem of sending end (radio and television stations to build towers, leased satellite lines, etc.).


For network media, there must be a server first. Any network media must have a server. Network media with a small amount of traffic can spend hundreds of yuan a month renting inexpensive virtual hosts; access to a large network media, must have a separate server to ensure that the database and Web page storage space, a larger number of visits, a stand-alone server, it is not enough, then need to separate the Web server and the data server, To improve the speed of user access, the increase in Access, a Web server is not enough, need more than one Web server mirroring, a database server is not enough, need multiple database cluster.

The larger network media also requires a dedicated DNS server to provide a level two domain name, a dedicated search server to ensure the speed of retrieval, a dedicated user Unified authentication server, to ensure that users login, enjoy a number of services, and so on ... When network media content and traffic increase to a certain extent, the server's hard disk is not enough, it is necessary to use a dedicated disk array to store content, fixed Web servers will not be able to quickly adapt to the local access load, then must use the full network cache CDN to address the local access to fast access to a slow problem.

and the server to increase synchronization, network media to rent the bandwidth, but also from the sharing, 2M exclusive, 10M exclusive, gradually upgraded to 100M exclusive, 300M exclusive ...

The cost of the Internet media at the end of the transmitter is not as low as expected, but compared with traditional media, the investment does not need to be in place once, and can increase the server and bandwidth gradually with the increase of the traffic.

The process of the growth of the network media is the process of continuously acquiring the server and bandwidth.


With enough server and bandwidth, the network Media Replication task just completes the basic work, the network media must have strong software support in order to finally complete the content at the sender's copy.

No software support, content production by hand one page to do, the efficiency is very low, the equivalent of engraving printing. Network media The first generation of software implementation process is, the first use of the database to input the content management, and then, dynamically extracted from the database, and finally according to the template prior agreement, display to the web, for readers to use IE for the final copy reading. The advantage of this model is that the Internet media can immediately input the data into the database, immediately displayed to the page, the reader can immediately read. Because it is based on the template to display, so, do not need to participate in the art at all times, because all the articles into the database, you can easily to these articles for multiple organization and management, and not like the manual production of static pages, can only be a kind of generation, can only be modified with the help of

Dynamic Web Publishing, although fast, but it also has a fatal weakness, that is, the server load is too large, readers every visit, the Web will respond once, the database will be read once. After a large number of visits, no amount of servers will be able to load. So, later the system improved to, the content into the template, the automatic generation of static pages, so that users to access, you do not have to read the database, the database and the interaction between the Web greatly reduced.

Static page Although reduce the load of the server, but it also has no dynamic page flexibility changes the drawbacks, with the server caching technology, now the system, and began to "most static, combined with moderate dynamic" direction.

Network media not only have Content Management publishing system CMS, but also have user registration system Passport, forum system BBS, personal Media System blog, search system, mailing list system maillist, chat system chat ... The establishment of these systems is only the accumulation of work, and the integration of these systems, so that the free flow of information, network media programming is a very big challenge.

A good program can make a lower hardware configuration, support a larger load, and conversely, more bandwidth and servers may not be able to compensate for procedural flaws. Therefore, we often see that the network media technicians often as much as editors, at least more than half of the editorial press.


The establishment of network media is a gradual process, which determines that the network media system is composed of different modules like building blocks. Such a building block system to a certain extent, will inevitably encounter the user database is difficult to unify, sharing problems, leading to BBS forum users can not speak in the chat room, chat room users can not write a blog, blog users can not get high-speed download rights and so on, in short, The newly developed functional system can not be used by the original registered users without registration.

Here are two reasons: first, each system module is at different time, developed by different programmers; second, even if the Dickens of all the modules of the user registration system to write, can not solve all the problems: first, from the system module to attract the registration, the requirements of the registration information are different, for unity, A request for users to register a lot of information, not realistic; the administrator of each system module only has the authority to manage this system, and the unification registration is bound to cause very many super administrators to be able to see the entire network media all registers the user information, this does not conform to the company's user information confidentiality request.

Pass is not a simple unified user authentication, it is through the user authentication and user rights stripped, so that the network media systems can be independent development, but also to share existing users.

Its logic is that the passport is responsible for the user's identity authentication, the user's permissions are still in the module. Users regardless of which module to log in to the Pass server certification, through the account and password certification, pass server is responsible for telling each module, he is not "he", if it is him, each module to give him permission.

For example, BBS User A to post, pass server immediately remind him to log in, he entered account and password, pass server according to account number and password to identify him is not a, if not, return "password error", if it is, pass server immediately notify the BBS module, this is a, BBS module immediately will take over, and access to the user database, give a in the Forum's permissions (is the ordinary user, or the VIP user, or the owner, his points in the forum is how much, etc.).

The advantage of this design is: because it is a unified login, so, a new service, pass will be in the user login the first time to inform the user, if it is a free service, you can open this module for all users, so that they do not need to register, you can use; You can constantly remind registered users to pay to open this service.

With the pass, the network media no longer need to worry about user registration problems, the system modules can be independently and freely to develop and build; With the pass, the network media will be all the building blocks system strung up.

Pass not only can make this station new open service need not register can use, if two websites use unified Pass, then these two website's user can also share.

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