How to evaluate the Pycon China 2015 conference?

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    • 9.13 @ guangzhou;
    • 9.19 @ Beijing;
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Spit Trough Shanghai Field, this year fares rose, posture level instead of decline, disappointment, visual next year will not participate again.

The first is the T-shirt, the collar when said want to size no, I still lined up in front of the collar, there is no, the sight of the wood has that size, then you sell the statistics when the size of the ticket?

Then is the meeting of The Spit Groove, the morning is basically the advertising field, I feel that the recruitment of payroll statistics no egg use, because you go to V2ex to understand, know that these enterprises pay range are randomly filled, are added stunt, actually no hair.

In the morning, but also in the stock of that also a little meaning.
In addition to the name of the criticism Facebook,python conference you have at least a bit of content ah, not to introduce your company and recruitment Ah!

In the afternoon, originally came to see the agenda has ES related content, the results see the latest form to write this is a remote connection, immediately have seen the ending. Last year Pycon is to turn over the wall hangouts, wired various cards, finally basically broken, what content also did not hear. Why can't you have a little memory this year? Also turn over the wall hangouts, in order to ensure the stability of the connection, even if low a little bit QQ video is much stronger than this? The result is stuttering participle, really become stuttering, and last year, say no, start all kinds of cards, can't see. And then continue advertising again. Various advertisements. Otherwise it was so sleepy that I went back to my college class. The highlights of the afternoon may only splunk data analysis processing visualization, rhythm is very good, the content is also very real, there is the shell to share the remote execution of black technology, as always the shell style, dry, very good. Then there were all sorts of questions that sounded sleepy.

Pycon organizers and advertisers, you can have a long snack! You see what the Pycon of America is talking about, and what are you talking about? Tickets expensive is not a problem, as long as the content value back to the fare, more expensive will be OK. But we don't want to spend our time listening to ads, are we? Don't do it well, okay? Open the meeting gift package, instantly burst out colorful clouds Open the meeting gift package, instantly burst out colorful clouds

redefining the Cloud Redefining the Cloud

Professional Cloud Professional Cloud

Group Cloud Group Cloud

Development Cloud Development Cloud

Fast Cloud Fast Cloud

Congmingyun Congmingyun

as well
Smart Cloud Smart Cloud

Listen to Beijing today, generally speaking this pycon harvest is quite a lot of, understand some fresh theme.

The main topics are:
1. Python in Docker
Build the image and deploy it by compiling the Python program. Do: Compile once, run everywhere. Because the company has recently been doing deployment systems, the idea is similar: compiling, testing, compression code upload, decompression deployment. Docker provides a good idea: it is easier to implement a dependent system environment for packaging and automatic machine expansion.

2. / http Online development
Implementations are somewhat like: AWS + Github. The underlying system environment provides the upper layer with code management, while supporting deployment. It seems to be a perfect development environment solution, but each ring is still very difficult to do, including: IDE customization, how to solve the dependency between services and so on.

3. The use of Python by the American mission
See the United States in Python still have a certain technical stack accumulation, introduced a lot of American team in Python attempts. More interesting is the discussion about SQLAlchemy Asynio on the Internet.

4. Functional programming
Miss Ding is very exciting to share. Because the functional programming is not very familiar with, so the absorption of relatively limited, and so on after the video upload plan to re-read again. Colleagues recommended a "Haskell Fun guide," an empty system that understands the functional language.

5. Module mechanism
I have also encountered a similar import error before, by updating the sys.path resolution and so on. The speaker provides three solutions (python-m, add in the root directory, modify Sys.path), and then shows the organizational structure of some good code.

6. Python's use in multi-threaded and multi-process
The speaker handles IO-intensive and computationally intensive performance by analyzing Python single-threaded and multithreaded processing. Then compare with mutiprocess to analyze the utilization of CPU. But there seems to be some confusion of knowledge errors, concurrency and parallelism. (But I didn't quite hear it, and it seems that I don't really understand Python's concurrency model, just learning this one.) )

The rest of the share did not record too much, and it was not written. The first time to go to the Shanghai field of Pycon, compared to the previous participation of R will be a world of difference, the slot is as follows:
1, incredibly dared to remote connection, not to mention the network condition, remote connection I might as well at home on YouTube to see it. R will please the overseas guests are on-site, the tolls if you can not raise the money to see who come to China to pull.
2, advertisers too much, R will sponsor also have, but each family only to 5 minutes, concentrated together 30 minutes lighting talk, put in the tea break before and after, is also the best toilet time.
3, do the game, wasting time, the audience but spent money. Next time is better than a Python quiz game also strong. The Beijing field is much better than last year, except for a code hosting platform and a speech on a social networking site, and everything else is content.

However, I still have to say that some lecturers still don't know what pycon should say. Ding with a good head, this is what pycon should talk about. Social system features are just, Pycon really don't want Chinese characteristics. Thank you, everyone.

The watercress Xu classmate has a sentence to impress me, he said: "This year is not what we do, we may not speak the truth." I want to say that speaking sentry is good, much better than last year's talk of CODE. Do not know how other people, I really do not care about your internal code platform is how to build, and 30 minutes to tell a system is how to build it is not finished. This theme is suitable for the Bean factory to engage in the technology to share the talk.

Finally, the computer used by the organizer is not tested before? Guido's video you guys never let go? And Slide, how many lecturers have been distracted by outdated Slide, shouldn't the organizers blame themselves?

Hope China Pycon can do better! I want to say, Beijing field, watercress booth of that sister, looks really good-looking ah bright spot is I in two draw, including the last prize. As the master of the drink has never been in the people, hmm, hide ... Talk about Beijing venue, only mention a lecturer: as Tangerine strong cow, the whole dry, there is depth, the other did not say, and some lecturers like in the work of weekly, it is worth mentioning the whole process of Ding Daniel no ads, is personal opinion. After joining the Guangzhou field. Advertising is a bit more, there is a little dry. At least more than the oschina of the source of the pure advertising strong, after all, pay so much money. On-site rookie estimate is directed to know Daniel to, Daniel is to Amway own company to go. But I personally still prefer the purely technical learning environment, it is estimated that will not go again. Put some photos of the scene.

Wish Pycon the better. The Shanghai field of the Spit trough contains the above 2 people said
and the order of the venue and the Amazon event I was in before.
Clothes quality is not good alas also sold 50 ... Decathlon 20 's end of the blast
Forcing me to get a RubyConf2015 hot spot at the meeting!

The first half of the ad collection was not hot enough to start talking about things.
The morning is for lunch and the afternoon content is good dry!
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