How to follow the trend of Android development

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Title: How to follow the trend of Android development
Date:2015-08-26 20:53:39
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Today read an article, development how to keep up with the trend of development, and my feelings coincide, so collation translation, to treat others.

Android in the world is very rapid development, as an Android developer, it is important to keep up with the forefront of the trend, every major release brings a bunch of new features, tools continue to improve, every week a new Lib is constantly born, every day there are good blog posts, reading, trying, Mastering all of these things is unrealistic and not the ultimate goal – focus on the clear, high-quality resources and channels that are screened out. Here are some tips for how I filter:


In my opinion, Twitter is the most important channel for me to stay on the cutting edge, and by focusing on the right people, you can make Twitter a source of information and topics for acquiring development. You can find Google's guys and great Android developers on Twitter, and here are some of the IDs I'm interested in (which should all require flipping the wall):

-Google official account, Android developers accounts
-Square Engineering, square engineer official account, open source over a large number of useful libraries.

Well, the original is a lot of Daniel's Twitter account, but add links to trouble, do not hang over, interested can go to my Twitter to see my focus on the great God can, I am concerned about the basic Android developers, in addition to individual NBA star Haha,
My Twitter address.
Also, be sure to browse Twitter tweets you care about, and cancel attention to inactive and too many nonsense accounts in order to minimize interference with redundant information
If you don't play Twitter, try Google +, where most people are also active on Google +.


YouTube is a great resource for learning about Android development and even other software development, with the Devbytes series, and the recent Android performance Patterns Videos and other videos of the Google's Android developers channel is the most noteworthy, there are Google developers and Square Engineering, All have great talk about Android but not just mobile phone systems.

Blogs and websites

There are a lot of interesting blogs about Android development
-Google ' s official blog
-Square Engineering Blog
-Android UI UX
-Dan Lew ' s blog
-The Square Island Blog This is the daughter of
-Styling Android Boost App UI UX technology guided website
-Grokking Android Research Android Development details

You can also subscribe to the following websites and publish new Android-related articles every week

    • Androidweekly
    • Androiddev Great posts and discussions

Read the news website regularly and keep abreast of what's happening in the development community. Focus on the manufacturer's custom UI to improve your understanding of Android. (Also, seeing all those screenshots about manufacturer UI Customisations would make you appreciate the stock Android even more. )
Even if you filter out the posts that aren't interested, there's still a lot to see. When reading articles every day, using the Web site collection, bookmark services (such as pocket, Google Chrome plug-in) is very helpful,

Multi-Read Change log

Times? Read changes! Whether it's Android Studio,gradle, GitHub, build tool, third party library, as long as you use it, then go to know him, this helps finding out if there were breaking changes introduced In the update.
If you use some third-party libraries in your project, follow them on GitHub. This gives you the first time to get notice of changes, and if you use them every day (on a daily basis), you can also add changes to the project at any time.

Academic meetings and gatherings (conferences and meetups)

The developer conference is a great place to learn new technology, and you can see a lot of interesting peers. You can find it here, here, and here. Of course, there are Google I/O, as long as you are lucky enough to attend. More commonly, even if you are not able to participate, you can go online to find presentations and video materials.

Other miscellaneous Miscellaneous
    • Join Google's Android interest group
    • Google + Android Development, Android Wear developers
    • Android background
    • Podcasts, audio Magazines Oh podcasts

The secret to keeping up with the times is not to be viewed as an additional burden, but to be included in the daily plan: Browse Twitter during breakfast, take a look at the blog on the bus, and spend time watching a soap opera video on YouTube.

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How to follow the trend of Android development

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