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Opencv-python Study NOTE 2: Achieve eye follow (also called Face follow)

reprint Please specify: @ Xiao Wu Yi Http:// qq Group: 64770604If the robot's face rotates with the face in front of you, you will not find this interaction interesting. Years ago, learning a bit of OPENCV, through the OPENCV can be simple to achieve the face of the follow. Plus a few servos to control the head rotation, the robot can interact. OhHere do not do video demonstration, just put out the code, interested friends can

Add Effects to the blog (counter, weather forecast, exquisite flash clock, follow the mouse of the Firefly, follow the mouse text, status bar text, Vice-standard _ Application skills

Example: article collects and collates, thanks each section code provider! Finishing: Go home and Chant (Wang Jitai) 1. Announcements and Counters2. Weather forecast3. The firefly following the mouse4. Status bar text5. Follow the mouse text6. Automatically displays a different maxim at the top subtitle position each time it is opened7. Flash exquisite clock (add) The appropriate functionality can be achieved by addi

Follow the PSR-4 auto load, follow the PSR-4 load _ PHP Tutorial

Follow the automatic loading of the PSR-4 and follow the PSR-4 loading. Follow the PSR-4 of automatic loading, follow the PSR-4 loading, first of all here to understand the PSR-4, ProposingaStandardsRecommendation (put forward standard recommendations) abbreviation, is a PHP development rules

Unity3D: Game decomposition-role movement and camera follow, unity3d follow

Unity3D: Game decomposition-role movement and camera follow, unity3d followIn the game, we often have such operations: click a location in the scenario, the role is automatically moved to that location, and the role is always moving towards that location, the camera also keeps following the role. In some games, the mouse slides the screen and the camera rotates around the role. It seems like a simple operation, so how is it implemented? The above oper

Follow-up tips on follow-up tasks of the three martial schools of jianwang

To all of you in the Sword Net 3 game players to detailed analysis to share the door pie and pet follow-up task strategy. Strategy sharing: First day: 1, first of all, all the players will be sent at the Messenger letter sent by the door, click to receive the task "door pet Theft", the task requires you to go to old Luoyang to find NPC intelligence supervision to make delivery task. 2, came to Luoyang, Luoy

Agile development routine follow-up series 4: Follow-up table

This is the fourth article in the daily follow-up series of agile development. (Topic directory) Follow-up tables are a practice of large agile teams. In an online game team of more than 80 people, they used this method to clearly show how the entire team works.Follow-up table The preceding online game team is used as an example to describe the following information: 1. What stories have been completed It c

Yahoo employee Twitters through layoff (yhoo)

Yahoo (yhoo) EmployeeEmily West is one of the 1,500 who lost her job today. Just likeRyan Kuder did during Yahoo's February layoffs, EmilyUpdated her Twitter account throughout the whole ordeal: Managers are in early and TV crews are outside.

javascript-event bubbling, mouse follow, keyboard follow, keyboard submission

1. Event bubbling 2, mouse follow 3, keyboard follow move 4, keyboard event submission javascript-event bubbling, mouse follow, keyboard follow, keyboard submission

Pychallenge (4)-follow the chain, pychallenge-follow

Pychallenge (4)-follow the chain, pychallenge-follow Pychallenge 4th End. 400 times is more than enough. --> The dot picture jumps out: and the next nothing is 44827, which looks like a nested webpage #-*-Coding: UTF-8-*-import requestsimport reimport timeclass NothingException (Exception): def _ init _ (self, length, rtvalue): Exception. _ init _ (self) self. length = length self. rtvalue = rtvaluedef fi

Finishing posts: Add effects to the blog (counter, weather forecast, exquisite flash clock, follow the mouse of the Firefly, follow the mouse text, status bar text, subtitle motto, etc.)

Example: article is collected and sorted out, thanks to each segment of the code provider. Finishing: Go home and Chant (Wang Jitai) 1. Announcements and Counters2. Weather forecast3. The firefly following the mouse4. Status bar text5. Follow the mouse text6. Automatically displays a different maxim at the top subtitle position each time it is opened7. Flash exquisite Clock (add) The appropriate functionality can be ach

Native JS Implementation div follow scroll bar plugin

Js following scrolling effect plugin Support for defining multiple follow IDs, using CSS fixed attributes, not supporting IE6, and compatible with other mainstream browsers. Support defines the minimum height of scrolling to the bottom and does not overwrite When the page size is resize, the plug-in automatically resets the parameter =======Js following scrolling effect plugin 1. Support for defining multiple

SEO conversion rate = Follow-up demand + implicit demand + trend demand

SEO conversion rate is the whole site optimization process is the most difficult and most important thing, but everyone needs to do this thing well, the author engaged in three SEO experience, although the Simple keyword ranking is not a problem. But a mention of the conversion rate of the site has nothing to say, I believe that the real conversion rate of the site to do very good also few people. This is every seoer encountered hardship, but also each seoer need to cross a threshold, at present

Implementation of Wireshark follow TCP stream function with Python

To make a long story short, Wireshark has a follow TCP stream feature, which is handy. The drawback is that the extracted stream data does not have time stamps and other information, in the analysis of data delay and packet loss is somewhat inadequate. In this case, a simple follow TCP stream function is implemented with Python, while the TCP information is preserved.The principle is simple and is still bas

jquery implementation side bar follow browser scrolling fixed display

Effect one: Side bar fixed moduleSource: Lou Blog JS Code The code is as follows Copy Code Side bar Follow(function () {var odiv = document.getElementById ("float");var H = 0,iE6;var Y = Odiv;while (Y) {H + + y.offsettop;Y = Y.offsetparent};iE6 = window. ActiveXObject !window. XMLHttpRequest;if (!IE6) {Window.onscroll = function () {var s = Document.body.scrollTop | | Document.documentElement.scrollTop;if (S > H) {

How the red path helps you manage your product follow-up plan

Red routes how to help you manage your product follow-up plan (products backlog) In most development methodologies, there is always a consultation around what is needed to be developed first. For example, scrum (rapid development method), its product owners and teams in each of the secondary sprint, the concept and use of scrum and sprint, you can see "in the Smoke of scrum and XP"), The core issue is to negotiate which

Implementation of compiling principle LL1 grammar follow set algorithm

)); } //It 's a very special situation .{//A->@b, First () ^$ put in follow (B)SetNewTreeset(); Getfirstset (Tmpst, rightnodes[i], index); Tmpst.remove ($); if(Follow.get (curnode) = =NULL) {St=NewTreeset(); St.addall (TMPST); Follow.put (Curnode, ST); } ElseFollow.get (

(a) Follow me to learn springmvc+dubbo-profile

performance tuning problem of Dubbo ... Dubbo how to use it. Dubbo uses a full spring configuration, transparent access to the application, no API intrusion to the application, just load the Dubbo configuration with spring, and Dubbo the spring-based schema extension. If you do not want to use the spring configuration and want to make calls through the API (not recommended)Let's take a step-by-step anatomy Dubbo How to usePlease continue to fo

Effective Python Entry II: Follow the PEP8 style specification

. For example: Import foo module from bar package, you should use: From bar import foo, not just: import foo; If you have to import relative, use explicit syntax: from. Impor foo; The import in each section should follow the following order: Standard library module, third-party library module, your own module. The import of each word part should be sorted alphabetically. Note: The Pylint tool ( is a popular Py

Grassroots webmaster do not follow the Web site.

Do stand for some time, but also saw a lot of various sites, there are popular SNS, there are hot forums, there is a professional website. Today's web site, a wide variety, just like the goods in the supermarket. Sometimes it's really confusing. Do the website, do not follow suit! Follow the bandwagon is not what we grassroots webmaster can do. One, no capital, no money. This kind of thing can blow up a r

Flash to make a pure code colorful mouse follow

Follow | mouse Yesterday I sent a mouse to follow, and a little elastic, so today is a mouse to follow the example. Compare Flower effect: Click here to download the source file So the code looks like this:function BOX (): MovieClip { var mc:movieclip = This.createemptymovieclip ("Boxs", this.getnexthighestdepth ()); var w:number = 10; var h:number = 10; Mc.begi

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