How to protect your Linux operating system

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How to protect your Linux operating system
Guide In this modern time, the security of Linux operating system is very important. But you have to know how to do it. A simple antimalware software is not enough, you need to take other measures to work together. Then try these methods.

using SELinux

SELinux is used to secure Linux, and with it, users and administrators can gain more control over access control. SELinux adds finer granularity control to access control. Unlike the ability to specify only who can read, write, or execute a file, SELinux lets you specify more control over who can delete links, append only, move one file, and so on. LCTT: Although the NSA has contributed a lot of code to SELinux, there is no evidence that SELinux has a potential backdoor.

Subscribe to Vulnerability Alert Service

The security flaw is not necessarily on your operating system. In fact, the vulnerability is more common in installed applications. To avoid this problem, you must keep your application updated to the latest version. Additionally, subscribe to the vulnerability Alert service, such as SecurityFocus.

disabling unused services and apps

Typically, users do not use half of the services and applications on their systems most of the time. However, these services and applications will still run, which will invite attackers. Therefore, it is best to stop these unused services. LCTT: Or simply do not install those services that are not available, so that there is no need to pay attention to whether they have security vulnerabilities and the upgrade. )

Check the System log

Your system log tells you what activity has occurred on the system, including whether the attacker successfully entered or tried to access the system. Always be vigilant, this is your first line of defense, and regular monitoring of the system log is to keep this line of defense.

consider using port heuristics

Setting port knocking is a good way to establish a secure connection to a server. The general practice is to take a specific package to the server to trigger the server's response/connection (turn on the firewall). Port knocking is a good safeguard for systems that have open ports.

using Iptables

What is Iptables? This is an application framework that allows users to build a powerful firewall for the system themselves. Therefore, to improve security, you need to learn how a good firewall and how to use the iptables framework.

default Deny all

Firewalls have two ideas: one is to allow each point of communication, and the other is to deny all access, prompting you for permission. The second kind is better. You should only allow those important communications to enter. (LCTT: The default License policy and the default Prohibition policy, the former you need to specify which should be prohibited, but also all the release, the latter you need to specify which can be released, all other than prohibited. )

using intrusion detection systems

Intrusion detection systems, or IDs, allow you to better manage communication and attacks on your system. Snort is now recognized as the best IDs on Linux.

use full-disk encryption

Encrypted data is more difficult to steal, and sometimes it is impossible to steal, which is why you should encrypt the entire drive. In this way, if someone enters your system, he will have a headache when he sees the encrypted data. According to some reports, most data loss originates from the theft of the machine.

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How to protect your Linux operating system

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