How to hover the Div layer over a Flash Object

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<Param name = value =>

Wmode attributes/parameters

Value: Window | Opaque | Transparent
Template variable: $ WM
Note: (optional) You can use the transparent Flash content, absolute positioning, and hierarchical display functions in Internet Explorer 4.0. This tag/attribute is only valid in Windows with the Flash Player ActiveX control.

"Window" uses the film's own rectangular Window on the Web page to play the application. "Window" indicates that the Flash application has no interaction with the HTML layer and is always at the top layer.

"Opaque" hides all content on the page behind it.

"Transparent" enables the background of the HTML page to be displayed through all the Transparent parts of the application, which may reduce the animation performance.

Both Opaque windowless and Transparent windowless can interact with the HTML layer and allow the layer above the SWF file to mask the application. The difference between the two options is that "Transparent" allows transparency. Therefore, if a part of the SWF file is Transparent, the HTML layer below the SWF file can be displayed through this part.

If this attribute is ignored, the default value is Window. Only applies to objects.

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