How to install Quartus II 6.1 for Linux? (SOC) (Quartus II) (Linux)

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Quartus II 6.1 is a very important version of Quartus II, which is currently used by many people.

Installing us 6.1 for Linux

First go to The Altera website to use the Altera us 6.1 version. There are five features, as shown below:
61_modelsim_ AE _unix.tar,
61_quartus_devinfo.tar, and
Among them, 61_quartus_devinfo.tarand 61_quartus_linux.tar are required. You can only download these two instances first.

After 61_quartus_devinfo.tarand 61_quartus_linux.tar are unbundled, there will be three other categories: Linux, devinfo1, and devinfo2, and the script for install under three different categories will be divided separately, to complete the security.

You can start using us in the bin category of the rows. However, I don't know why. I can only use the root identity for normal operation.

If you already have a license, you can specify it as long as you modify the hostid. In addition, there is a file under the Linux sub-project under the security program. Make a little more dynamic. Use the binary program and find address: 000bebe3 to change 5589e3 to 31c0c3.

In fact, the intel de2 hardware board is used on the USB flash drive. In the programmer function of Quartus, you can find the USB-blaster and programming the FPGA.

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