How to install Apache and PHP in centos

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Centos configuration Apache + PHP files are commonly used system files, so I have studied the installation of centos configuration for Apache + PHP. Here I will share my personal understanding about centos configuration and installation.

Configure Apache + PHP in centos


Download software;

Apachehttp: //




[Root @ localhost] # wget

-- 00:47:30 --


Connecting to | |: 80... connected.

HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK

Length: 6396996 (6.1 m) [application/X-gzip]

Saving to: 'httpd-2.2.9.tar.gz. 1'

0% [] 36,300 41.3 K/s

[Root @ localhost] Tar zxvf httpd-2.2.9.tar.gz

Decompress the package below



Httpd-2.2.9/srclib/APR-util/test/DBD. c

Httpd-2.2.9/srclib/APR-util/test/makefile. In

Httpd-2.2.9/srclib/APR-util/test/makefile. Win



N characters are omitted here.


[Root @ localhost ~] Compile Apache under Cd httpd-2.2.9

[Root @ localhost httpd-2.2.9]. /configure -- prefix =/usr/local/Apache -- enable-track-vars -- enable-CGI -- With-config-file-Path =/usr/local/Apache/Conf

It may take some time to compile centos configuration below.

The following describes how to compile centos configurations,

Prefix = // usr/local/MySQL/Apache specify to install apahce to the // usr/local/MySQL/Apache directory;

Enable-CGI supports CGI;

With-config-file-Path = // usr/local/MySQL/Apache/conf specify to put the Apache preparation file in // usr/local/MySQL/Apache/conf; for example, httpd. the confcentos configuration file is in this directory;

Enable-track-vars enables Cookie get/post and other tracing functions

Almost compiled. A prompt is displayed, indicating that Apache is successfully installed,

[Root @ localhost] Make; make install // then input the compile command, which is simple: Make; make install!

Then enter enable apache service.

[Root @ localhost] Server httpd restart

Apache is successfully installed.

Delete lifecycle page

Rm-F/usr/local/Apache/CONF. d/welcome. conf to see the cute 403 error!

Install PHP in centos configuration;
[Root @ localhost ~] # Tar zxvf php-5.2.6.tar.gz // extract PHP File

[Root @ localhost ~] # Cd php-5.2.6 // go to the PHP installation directory

[Root @ localhost php-5.2.6] #. /configure -- prefix = // usr/local/MySQL/PHP -- With-mysql = // usr/local/MySQL -- with-apxs2 = // usr/local/MySQL/Apache /bin/apxs -- enable-track-vars -- enable-force-CGI-redirect -- With-config-file-Path = // usr/local/MySQL/PHP/etc // compile PHP

Install: [root @ localhost php-5.2.6] # Make

[Root @ localhost php-5.2.6] # make install

Copy PHP. ini-Dist to PhP. ini and put it in the/usr/local/PHP Directory!

[Root @ localhost php-5.2.6] # cp PHP. ini-Dist/usr/local/PHP. ini

Edit the/usr/local/PHP. ini file and find the following line:

; Default_charset = "iso-8859-1"

Add a line below this line

Default_charset = "gb2312

// Combine Apache + PHP

Find the line # addtype application/X-tar. tgz and add a line below. Do not add the # sign before.

Addtype application/X-httpd-PHP. php

Find the following line and add index. php. This indicates that the website's homepage can also be index. php.

Directoryindex index.html. var index. php

Let's take a look at the PHP testing page.

Edit VI/usr/www/html/test. php write

Echo >><? Phpinfo ();?> /Usr/www/html/test. php. The PHP + Apache installation is successful here.

The above describes how to configure Apache + PHP installation in centos.

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