How to make a full-pants backup of MySQL under Windows

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Usually back up a database, directly trousers backup , a more complete point will be required to do a scheduled trousers backup . However, many times because the pants instances are too many, this can lead to a very time-consuming backup, so sometimes the entire database application needs to be backed up. So how do you do a scheduled backup of your entire application under Windows?

1. Batch backup script ( note the variables inside the script )

@echo Off &setlocal enableextensions:: Date set TODAY=%Date:~0,4%%Date:~5,2%%Date:~8,2%:: Source program is located in directory set DATAPATH=e:\bak\data\*:: Backup directory set Bakpath=E:\webInfobackup:: Backup name prefix set bakname=mg3mydata::+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++::+++++++++ This directory is a backup directory, it will be deleted after compression, it is important to note when modifying ++++++++Set Srcpath=%bakpath%\%bakname%%today%::+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Call :D Ate2day%Date:~0,Ten%Sdaysset/A sdays-=7Call :D ay2date%sdays%difdateEchoStart bauckup MySQL%Date:~0,4%-%Date:~5,2%-%Date:~8,2% % Time:~0,2%:% Time:~3,2%:% Time:~6,2% >>log.log:: Shut down MySQL service net stop mysql:: Copy data directory xcopy%datapath%%srcpath%\/E/y:: Open mysql service net start MySQLEchoBauckup MySQL finish%Date:~0,4%-%Date:~5,2%-%Date:~8,2% % Time:~0,2%:% Time:~3,2%:% Time:~6,2% >>log.log:: Compress the database file and delete"C:\Program Files\winrar\winrar.exe"A-r-ep2-ibck-inul-DF-T%srcpath%.rar%srcpath%EchoCompress MySQL data finish%Date:~0,4%-%Date:~5,2%-%Date:~8,2% % Time:~0,2%:% Time:~3,2%:% Time:~6,2% >>log.log::++++++++++++++++++ Deleting a directory ++++++++++++++Rd/Q/S%srcpath% ::++++++++++++++++++ Deleting a directory ++++++++++++++:: Delete backup files N days ago for/R%bakpath%%%finch(%bakname%*.rar) Do if "%%~TF"LEQ"%difdate%"Del"%%f"goto:eof exit:date2daysetlocal enableextensions for/F"tokens=1-3 delims=/-,"%%ainch('echo/%1') Do(Set yy=%%a & Set Mm=%%b & SetDD=%%c) Set/ADD= -%DD%%% -, mm= -%mm%%% -Set/A z= --mm,z/= A, y=yy+4800-z,m=mm+ A*z-3, j=153*m+2Set/A j=j/5+DD+y*365+y/4-y/ -+y/ --2472633endlocal&set%2=%j%&goto:eof:D ay2datesetlocal enableextensions Set/A i=%1, a=i+2472632, b=4*a+3, b/=146097, c=-b*146097, c/=4, c+=a set/A d=4*c+3, d/=1461, e=-1461*d,e/=4, e+=c,m=5*e+2, m/=153,DD=153*m+2,DD/=5Set/ADD=-DD+e+1, mm=-m/Ten, mm*= A, mm+=m+3, yy=b* -+d-4800+m/Ten (if%mm% LSSTenSet mm=0%mm%) & (if%DD% LSSTenSetDD=0%DD%) endlocal&set%2=%yy%%mm%%DD%&goto:eof

2. Create a task plan

Do not know can GG, not in detail in this article.

How to make a full-pants backup of MySQL under Windows

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