How to make php dynamic web pages

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How can php dynamic web pages be written if PHP is used as a dynamic web page? Help

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I am also a Cainiao! I am studying now, I suggest the landlord to see this video is still pretty good /? 140312 dsscsdn

Learn the Thinkphp framework !~~~~

Look for some examples. this is really hard to answer.

I think you should first understand this thing. how do you let him do it? Will the data be automatically updated? If yes, first prepare some data, then try PHP to read the data and output it to the page, so that a simple dynamic process is implemented. Then, based on your own needs, you can display the required data, which is basically a simple dynamic requirement.

Learn the php language, html + php html display interface, and php dynamically processes data.

Dynamic page
Obtain corresponding content based on parameters
What functions do you need?
A little bit



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