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How to modify the default mysql null password in WAMP

After WAMP is installed, the mysql tutorial password is blank. how can I modify it? In fact, it is very simple. just run a few commands. next I will perform the operations step by step.

First, open the mysql console through WAMP.

Prompt to enter the password. because it is empty, press enter.

Enter "use mysql", which means to use the mysql Database tutorial and prompt "Database changed.

Then enter the SQL statement "update user set password = PASSWORD ('Hooray') where user = 'root';" for the password to be modified. Note that there must be no fewer semicolons at the end of the SQL statement, the prompt is OK.

Finally, enter "flush privileges;". if you do not enter this parameter, the password change operation will not take effect.

Enter "quit" to exit.

In addition, many people say that using the php Tutorial myadmin to directly modify the password in the mysql table should be correct in principle, but I found that the entire mysql database is missing after the modification, I re-installed the WAMP, and finally modified it through the command line.

As you can find out, the operation is not difficult, because I found that mysql on my colleagues' computers are all empty passwords. in the future, if I had to configure a server, I would not be able to get a blank password.

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