How to monitor the resource status of Linux through LoadRunner

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When we use LR for performance testing, we often have a need to monitor the OS's resource usage. For Windows system, this work is very convenient, directly in the LR Resource Monitoring window to add the need to be monitored by the machine name or IP, but for the Linux/unix system, it is slightly more complicated, I am here to briefly describe how to monitor the LR in the linux/ Resource Usage for UNIX systems:


For Linux systems, it is necessary to run RSTATD services to monitor the resource usage of Linux/unix systems via LR. If the OS does not have RSTATD installed (you can find out if there is a rpc.rstatd file in the system, if not, the system does not have RSTATD installed), you need to install it. RSTATD installation steps are as follows:

Obtain the RSTATD installation media (rstatd.tar.gz). RSTATD can be obtained from the Redhat installation CD or downloaded from the website (give a download address, SourceForge: HTTP://HEANET.DL.SOURCEFORGE.NET/SOURCEFORGE/RSTATD).

Copy the rstatd.tar.gz to the Linux system, unzip it, give the executable permission, enter the RPC.RSTATD directory, and execute the following command in turn:



#make Install

When you are finished, run the./rpc.rstatd command to start the service. At this point, you can monitor Linux resources in LR.


For UNIX systems, such as Solaris,aix or HP UX, the configuration process is simpler--remove the rstatd front annotation in the inetd.conf (/etc directory) file and start the RSTATD service.

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