How to prevent RM-RF from accidentally deleting files in Linux

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Process: Using ln to do directory link testing, the implementation of the RM-RF completely delete the contents of the directory link, the execution is over, only to find the tragedy.

Then I thought I could recover no, but it was late. Need to rewrite your partition read-only, but when I install the system on a whole block ...

Querying directory node via Debugfs

The code is as follows Copy Code
1966083 (12).   1966081 (4084). <1966084> (4072)
<1966085> (4052). <1966086> (4028).
<1973249> <1969680> (
<1966095> <1966303> (232)
<1973221> <1973226> (180)
<1966325> (136) <1973234> (108) Auto_del_avira
<1966086> <1973227> (
<1973225> <1966313> (
<1966097> Renetwork.log <1966315> (3700)
<3019134> <1969676> (
<1993419> <1969675> (
<1969677> pwd.txt <1969678> (3580) tmp.txt
<1993423> (3564) <1998856> (3540) linux-gdb-rh9
<1966602> <1966606> (3488)
<1966607> (3464). CLINUX.SH.SWX <1966607> (3440).
<1966609> (3408). [Command LINE].SWPX

I will try this recovery, on the wood to consider so much, to recover out is empty, tragedy.

Again, extundelete,testdisk the same tragedy.

Summary: After the file deletion, immediately stop writing data operation; Linux partitions do not get on a disk,

Think of the best backup of their important documents, (*^__^*) Hee ..., these files I backed up ...

The internet said RM-RF to other instructions, lest manslaughter.

I think the wood is necessary, when the RM can be deleted without the F parameters are prompted, and always remember to back up Oh,

Now let's add the RM command RF usage

-F, even if the original file attribute is set to read-only, is deleted directly, without confirmation.
-R Deletes the directory and the file below.

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