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This series of articles will show you how to post an iOS app in Flash Professional CS5 and how to eventually upload it to the Apple app Store. The main knowledge points are as follows:

Use Flash Professional CS5 to release iOS apps

Application process of Apple developers

Using iOS Developer licensing and requesting certificates

Manage your app in the itunes connection

Upload your app to itunes Connection

Use Flash Professional CS5 to release iOS apps

Flash Professional CS5 can package swf with AIR2.5 as the native application IPA for iOS, and then run on iOS devices such as Iphone,ipod,ipad. Download Flash Professional CS5 beta here, and upgrade your Flash here to the latest to make sure you can post apps to the ipad.

Note: Flash Professional CS5.5 can package AIR2.6 into IPA, and the latest ADT can even use the command line AIR2.7 package, making flash on the iOS operating efficiency significantly. There is no introduction to the currently unpublished version.

Open your project with Flash Professional CS5 and make sure your stage ratio fits the iphone or ipad screen ratio (the iphone is 2:3 and the ipad is 3:4). Open publishing after development: File–publish settings, as shown in the Player option, select the iphone OS:

Click the Settings button on the right side of the player option to open the Release settings panel for iOS, as shown in:

Here you can see that the Panel has three tabs (general, deployment, Icons) and the General tab is open by default.

OUTPUTFILE specifies the name of the final published IPA file, and IPA is the native file format of iOS.

App name specifies the display name of the application, such as "Angry Pig"

Version Specifies the currently published IPA version number, which is used in application updates.

Aspect Ratio Specifies the way in which IPA is displayed on the screen, with two values, portrait vertical, and landscape horizontal. There are two check boxes below, fullscreen specifies whether to display in full screen, and auto orientation Specifies whether to switch between landscape and portrait automatically as the mobile device flips.

Rendering Specifies the rendering mode, here are three values, Auto, CPU, GPU. Can be defined using the CPU or GPU to render graphics, if the choice of auto will automatically use the CPU.

DEVICE Specifies the device that the application is running. Here you can choose an iphone, ipad, or iphone and ipad.

Include files Specify the resource files to be packaged into IPA, as with the air application, you can package the external resources such as pictures, videos, sounds, or module.

Next, open a third tab icons

Here you specify the icon file for your app. If you do not specify an icon, the app will use the default icon on the device, and if you want to specify, you must be aware that the picture dimensions are fully compliant and that the format is PNG. In addition to the 512 size icons, the remaining ones are displayed in the device, and 512 of the icons appear in the itunes Store preview. When making icons, you don't have to think about the rounded corners and the high light effects of the images, which will be automatically processed in iOS. The icon can be a transparent PNG picture, but the device will automatically add a black background, so be aware of your icon color not too deep.

The icon must be stored in a folder at the same level as the project, and if the location does not meet the requirements, Flash displays a message and automatically creates a folder to arrange the icon file.

Finally, open a second label deployment

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