How to quickly become a qualified Oracle DBA?

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This is because more and more people have asked me this question recently. I want to write down my ideas.

1. How fast is it?
Many people like shortcuts, so they often ask for shortcuts, but I often tell you that there are no shortcuts, or there are no easy shortcuts to follow.
Of course, the quick word is also meaningful. This is the requirement of this fast Society for young people. In the preface to the book "in-depth analysis of Oracle", I wrote this article:With the continuous advancement of technology and the times, the growth time left by the Society for DBAs is getting shorter and shorter. It will not take more than two years for a DBA to grow from entry to senior .... Zhang Ailing said that it is time to become famous. The same is true for technologies. The sooner the better, the sooner the better.

To understand the meaning of quick Bi, we recommend that you carefully read the preface to my in-depth Oracle analysis book, which summarizes many of my learning experiences and learning processes:

2. How can I succeed?
No doubt everyone is eager for success. How can we be successful?
I once summed up a simple formula listing what I think is important to success:Interest + diligence + Persistence + method ≈ success
If you are interested in the database, and are motivated by your interest, coupled with hard work, unremitting exploration, and finding the right method, then this is your quick learning path, quick success.

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3. Three Realms
I have mentioned the realm in many articles. I first cited three realms of Wang Guowei in the preface of Oracle database performance optimization:

The ancient and modern world has gone through three realms: Big Business, University questioner, and NLP.
"The West Wind withered green trees last night. A tall building exclusive to the sky. "This is also the first realm.
"I don't regret it when I get out of my clothes. "This second realm is also true.
"Looking for him in the crowd, suddenly looking back, that person is in the dark. "This third realm is also true.

These three realms represent, respectively, laying a solid foundation, unremitting persistence, and improving the peak and return directions. You will certainly face these stages and situations during your learning process, therefore, we must have some ideological preparations and persevere.
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4. From the point and surface to the depth
In terms of the learning method, I advocate a simple introduction from the points and aspects. In the preface to the book "deep dive into Oracle", I wrote:

What I have always advocated in the book is the learning method of "from point to line and then. Especially for beginners, if they have not been specially trained and systematically studied
You should learn and think deeply through practice. In terms of knowledge, from a certain point of view, it is "Unlimited, not profound ". When we encounter problems, we should continue to conduct in-depth research until the core of the problem
Quality, so that through the diagnosis and research of a case or actual problem, we can drive a lot of joint knowledge learning, so that from a point deep down to form a line, further horizontal scaling can form a knowledge
Network, solve and research problems more, you can gradually cover one area, form a knowledge system, so slowly you will feel that learning is no longer difficult, but a handy thing.

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5. Job Opportunities
In terms of work options, it may be lucky to be able to quickly enter the Oracle field, but if the first job does not find the desired position, the next career path may be slightly tortuous.

After studying for a period of time, many friends cannot wait or even be anxious about the transformation. This is not correct. They should never be impetuous at work, every one of us, from graduation to work, to finding a suitable position for ourselves, usually goes through a long period of time, learning, thinking, making progress, and starting again.You must know that sometimes waiting is a must for the process..
If you already have a job, what you need to do is do it well, even if it is not what you like!
You must prove to others that you have the ability to do one thing well. Other people will give you the next opportunity.If you have never completed a task well, you should calmly reflect on it.

For friends in this situation, I have 16 words for reference:Remove impetuousness, study hard, accumulate constantly, and find opportunities

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6. How to learn in a limited environment?
Many friends have limited working environments and conditions, and may not have minicomputers or Unix. How can they learn and improve it?
What I want to talk about is that you don't have to exercise your skills in a big production environment. As far as I know, many masters learn and grow from a simple environment. The most important thing is that they must learn deeply, think more, and experiment more.

Some friends said: the level of practice is the same as that of the sub-database. This sentence makes sense. Some friends keep experimenting with and repeating valuable tests or tests on itpub, saying:It's not your own. By experimenting, you can become your own. It is also very good.

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