How to select a consulting customer?

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The consultant referred to in this paper refers to the rich enterprise management theory knowledge and extensive enterprise management practice experience, can solve the problems appearing in the enterprise development, can instruct the enterprise staff to solve the problem, and has the relatively perfect self-contained consulting methodology system, can independently guide the Enterprise Design Management system and can tutor the use of people. Such a person can be the project chief expert, usually has his own professional website or the public number, is enterprise customer can actively find the object, and in the industry has certain word of mouth and positive influence, is does not need to rely on the project person.
Consultants to help businesses grow as their own responsibility, but not equal to the enterprise can help. Consultants can only help companies that are eager to grow and be responsible. Consultants are not omnipotent, can not be the project on the next, can not be a business to go, but not for money, Qu Yi fengying. Otherwise, damage to their own brand is small, delaying the development of enterprises big. Consultants must uphold principles and positions, and only help those who can help.
Who can help? What kind of business can be changed by you? or what kind of enterprise can accept your consultation? From the enterprise angle, is the enterprise leader chooses the consultant, from the consultant angle, is selects the customer.
How to select a customer? It should be the same as the young people, in mutual understanding of the decision whether to further contact.
First, communication contacts. China's enterprises are too many, excellent consultants are too few, that is to say, the ratio of supply and demand is seriously maladjusted. If the consultant for the Phoenix, enterprise customers for the Phoenix, it can only be Phoenix. Only when the enterprise leader realizes that the enterprise management needs the transformation and upgrade and actively seeks the consultant, to the consultant, only has the premise of the project success. A good counselor is not worried about the project, and the customers who come to the door often exceed the time range that the consultant can serve. For consultants, communication contact is the first step in the selection. The consultant needs to be straightforward and understand who the customer is (in the company's post)? What are the results? At the same time understand the size of the enterprise, the nature of the industry, shareholder structure, management of the main role of the characteristics, ask people in the enterprise decision-making authority how big? Consulting projects to achieve success, preferably a consultant and business leaders dialogue The business owner intends that the dialogue can continue, otherwise, this ends.
Second, attract each other. If the head of the business has the urgent desire to improve the management, but also agrees with the consultant's viewpoint and method, the consultant feels the sincerity of the business person (to the consultant's main point of view and the field of good very familiar), then the contact can go further.
Third, interview to understand. Prudent business leaders will ask for a meeting, hope to communicate in person, and then visit the consultant. In this respect, the consultant should welcome the attitude, actively cooperate, discuss the meeting place, communication meeting time. Also some business leaders in the interview stage, the hope and the consultant signed a contract agreement. In this respect, the consultant must not hastily agree. The two sides may discuss the cooperation time, the cooperation way, the service content, but it is still too early to sign the agreement, even the quotation is not possible, because you do not know the enterprise. Hearing for the false, seeing is real, not to enterprise research, responsible consultants are not quoted.
Four, enterprise research. Under the premise of mutual recognition, the head of business can invite consultants to the enterprise research. If the business owner does not understand the consulting project negotiation process, the consultant can also take the initiative to put forward to the enterprise research. Business leaders should reject free research (and only have time for free research if nothing is done); consultants must ask for paid research. Paid research will let the enterprise really pay attention to, this is also excellent consultants screening quality customers magic weapon. Excellent consultant time is precious, how to judge whether the enterprise customer is really agree with you, or false touts in order to price cheap? Pay research paid diagnosis, can be differentiated immediately. Expert Pulse must register first, this is the professional logic of the excellent consultant's charge diagnosis.
Once an enterprise customer is willing to pay to invite a consultant to investigate, the consultant must inform the company in writing of the process of diagnosis, coordination, and the investigation must be issued after the professional diagnosis report. Can cooperate, the diagnosis report comes out after the discussion (the Enterprise research flow is introduced in another article).
Five, professional judgment. The consultant through to the Enterprise field investigation, with the enterprise different staff discussion, through the carding enterprise strategy, reads the enterprise existing written material (System standard flow, etc.), to the enterprise existence main problem appearance, behind the reason carries on the comprehensive judgment, uses a sentence to summarize the current influence enterprise development main obstruction or the principal contradiction is what, At the same time, the directional solution is given. If the professional diagnosis is approved by the head of the enterprise and the core backbone of the middle and high level, the project cooperation will have the foundation. Otherwise, the consultant only chooses to abandon the cooperation. The so-called "Tao is different, not a conspiracy" is also.
Six, the cooperative decision. Consulting Division of the Enterprise's "pulse", diagnosed the enterprise's "disease", gave the "treatment" scheme, the enterprise responsible for identification and determination to cooperate with expert treatment, then cooperation can be discussed (how to sign a cooperation agreement, another article). Otherwise, the counselor can only choose to give up. Consultants must not be without principle to accommodate the head of the enterprise, such as only solve one of the modules, or help the boss to drive away some "in the way of the elder" or "old fritters" can, or only optimize the process does not change the compensation model and so on. Any project destined for the boss's selfish motives is doomed to be a successful one. Of course, from a counselor's perspective, it's also impossible to keep an eye on the money to pick up the project.
"The choice is greater than the effort" to the frontline staff said, is fraught, to the consultant, to the business owner, is absolutely correct. Choosing a good customer and choosing a good consultant is the key to the success of the project.

How to select a consulting customer?

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