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FAX Server is a network-based client/Server FAX system. The Server software provides shared FAX functions for network users, client software allows you to send a fax directly on your terminal, just as sending an Email or printing a file. This article will lead you to build a fax server in seven steps.

I. Introduction

The configuration described below uses Hylafax 4.0p2.rjc11, which runs on Mandrake7.1. On the server side, Hylafax consists of three daemon:

Faxq: main service programs

Hfaxd: Manage Network Connections

Faxgetty: Manage sessions between Modem

The following programs run on the client can also be run on the server ):

Sendfax: send a fax

Faxstat: check the fax queue

Faxrm: deletes a job from the queue.

The related configuration files are in the/var/spool/fax/etc/folder.

Ii. Installation

I recommend that you install the following software packages, which are included in Mandrake 7.1 ):



You can also obtain these resources from the official website To install Hylafax, you must install the following RPM packages:

Rpm-ivh hylafax-common-4.0pl2.rjc11-3mdk

Rpm-ivh hylafax-client-4.0pl2.rjc11-3mdk

Rpm-ivh hylafax-server-4.0pl2.rjc11-3mdk

3. Configure Hylafax

Run the following command to configure the server:

Faxsetup-server must perform this operation as root)
In addition to the following items, select OK for all other query options, that is, select the default value:

1) Country code [1]? Enter 33 for France

2) Area code []? Enter 1 for Paris

3) Long distance dialing prefix [1]? Enter 0

4) International dialing prefix [011]? Enter 00

5) Dial string rules file [etc/dialrules]? Enter etc/dialrules. europe

6) Serial port that modem is connected to []? Enter ttyS0 (for COM1) or ttyS1 (for COM2)

By default, Hylafax does not automatically call the daemon faxgetty at startup. This process can be completed manually.

1. Edit the/etc/inittab file and insert the following content at the end of the file:

Mo: 2345: respawn:/usr/sbin/faxgetty-D ttyS0

Run kill-HUP l, restart faxgetty, or modify the rc. local file.

2. Add the following lines to the/etc/rc. d/rc. local file:


Run faxgetty-D/dev/ttys0.

Note: You can use the faxaddmodem command to add multiple modems.

After these operations, the file/var/spool/fax/etc/config. ttyS0 Serial Port 1 is created for faxgetty, including the configuration of the/dev/ttyS0 modem. The/usr/share/fax/hfaxd. conf file contains the configuration of the hfaxd daemon.
Possible problems:

Use the probemodem command to detect the modem. In addition, there are some typical configurations in/var/spool/fax/config.

If your modem is 3Com, you can copy the usr-2.0 file to/var/spool/fax/etc, change it to config. ttyS0, and make the following changes:

# Configuration for using the Class 2.0 command interface

# With a USR v.34 Courier or Sporster modem.

# CONFIG: CLASS2.0: USRobotics *-*
# CountryCode: 33

AreaCode: 1

# FAXNumber: your number ex (for france): 0134123412

LongDistancePrefix: 0

InternationalPrefix: 00

DiadStringRules: etc/dialrules. europe (Important. europe !)

ServerTracing: 1

SessionTracing: 11

RecvFileMode: 0600

LogFileMode: 0600

DeviceMode: 0600

RingsBeforeAnswer: 1

SpeakerVolume: off

GettyArgs: "-h % l dx _ % s"

# LocalIdentifier: "Your Company" (uncomment if wanted on the fax)

# TagLineFont: etc/lutRS18.pcf (idem)

# TagLineFormat: "De % l % c Page % p sur % t" (idem)

# MaxRecvPages: 25

ModemType: Class2.0 # use class 2.0 interface

ModemRate: 57600 #38400 DCE-DTE communication rate

ModemFlowControl: rtscts # XON/XOFF flow control assumed

ModemDialCmd: ATDT0 % s # I added 0 because I go through a PABX !!

# ModemNoFlowCmd: AT & H0 & I0 & R1 # setup modem for no flow control
ModemHardFlowCmd: AT & H1 & I0 & R2 # setup modem for hardware flow control

# ModemSoftFlowCmd: AT & H2 & I2 & R1 # setup modem for software flow control

# ModemSetupDTRCmd: ATS13 = 1 & D2 # setup so DTR drop resets modem

# ModemSetupDCDCmd: AT & C1 # setup so DCD reflects carrier (or not)

ModemResultCodesCmd: ATQ0X4 # enable extended result codes

# ModemSetupAACmd: AT + FAA = 1

# ModemSetVolumeCmd: "ATM0 ATM1 ATM1 ATM1"

Class2BUGCmd: AT + FBU = 0

Class2CQQueryCmd :! (0), (0) # override modem response

Class2NRCmd: AT + FNR = 1, 1, 0

Next, add the following lines to/var/spool/fax/etc/host:


Allow all machines in the domain to use faxes.

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