How to use floppy disk, CD-ROM and other partitions under Linux

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This is the most asked question for Linux beginners. As everyone has become accustomed to Microsoft's access methods, always want to use similar ideas to find floppy disk and CD-ROM. But in Linux, it follows the way UNIX treats devices as files. So to access floppy disks and discs, you must first load them into the Linux system's/MNT directory.

The loaded command is mount with the following format: Mount-t file system type device name mount directory

The file system type is the partition format, and there are many file system types supported by Linux:

MSDOS DOS Partition file system type

VFAT support for long file name DOS partition files (which can be understood as Windows files) system type

File system type of iso9660 CD

ext2 Linux File system type


Device name, refers to the name of the device you want to load. Floppy disk is generally/DEV/FD0 FD1, CD-ROM is based on the location of your CD-ROM drive, usually the CD drive installed on the second hard disk location is/DEV/HDC; If you are accessing a DOS partition, list its device name, such as/DEV/HDA1 is the first partition on the first hard drive. Loading directory is the loading point of the device you specify.

 1. Load floppy disk

First use Mkdir/mnt/floppy to create an empty floppy directory in the/MNT directory, and then enter MOUNT-T msdos/dev/fd0/mnt/floppy to load a floppy disk in the DOS file format, which can be used in/mnt/ All contents of this floppy disk are found in the floppy directory.

 2. Load the C disk where Windows resides

MKDIR/MNT/C in the/MNT directory to establish an empty C directory;

MOUNT-T vfat/dev/hda1/mnt/c Loads the Windows C disk into the/MNT/C directory in a long filename format, and can then read and write the contents of the C-packing directory in the directory.

  3. Loading CD

Mkdir/mnt/cdrom in the/MNT directory to establish an empty CDROM directory;

Mount-t Iso9660/dev/hdc/mnt/cdrom the disc to the file system, the contents of the disc will be found in the/mnt/cdrom directory. Some Linux versions allow the CD to be loaded with Mount/dev/cdrom or Mount/mnt/cdrom commands.

Note that the mount command loads the floppy disk, the disc, not the floppy drive, the optical drive. Some beginners are apt to make a mistake, think with the above command, the floppy drive becomes the/mnt/floppy, the optical drive becomes the/mnt/cdrom, but actually, when you want to change a CD or floppy disk, must first uninstall, and then reload the new disk.

  4. Uninstall

Uninstall the command format is: Umonut directory name, such as to uninstall the floppy disk, you can enter the command umonut/mnt/floppy. Note that pressing the eject key on the optical drive panel will not work until the disc is unloaded.

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