How to Use the packet capture tool Charles and charles

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How to Use the packet capture tool Charles and charles

Although my internship has not been completed yet, I still want to continue learning. Today I will learn how to use the tool for intercepting network packets on Mac: Charles.

I think, if you are a person who is good at using search engines, you can enter keywords such as "Charles use" in Google, and then the ghost article will appear.
However, the reason for this article is that some problems have been encountered during the installation and preliminary use, however, the vast majority of articles found are not mentioned (or the solution is outdated ). So I recorded it here, hoping to help my friends who found it through searching.

Paid & genuine & cracked

Charles is a paid software and can be used for free for 30 days. The trial version cannot be used for more than 30 minutes each time. during use, it will be interrupted for 5 seconds from time to time, and there will be a delay of 10 seconds at startup. Therefore, this trial solution is quite user-friendly for the majority of users, but when you need to perform packet debugging for a long time, it will be affected by Charles's forced shutdown.

We recommend that you purchase a genuine copy on the official website.

In addition, there is also a cracked version on the Internet, in the site can download to Charels each version of the cracked version.


When I open Charles (Mac OS x Proxy selected), I can immediately see a steady stream of network requests on Charles's interface, but why is it always blank?

After some searching, Charles proxy not working with Chrome finally found the answer:

For anyone else using VPN: Charles must be turned on before VPN. So quitting VPN after turning on Charles won’t work either.

No way. for normal use of Charles, the ladder can only be removed temporarily:


At the beginning, it was quite easy to use. Why is it so messy?

Then, enter "Charles garbled" in Google. I promise you will find the answer:

But I told you, I tried to add it in various places, but it was not successful.
I finally solved the garbled problem, but it was not involved at all.Info.plist. You only need to make sure that you have set the correct settings for the questions I will discuss next.

Install SSL certificate on Mac

First go to The to download the CA certificate file, then double-click the. crt file, select the always trust button, you can see the added certificate in the key string access.

Let's see how simple it is, but what is the truth? When I access the above URL, the following text appears:

If you are running Charles v3.10 or later, please go to Charles and consult the SSL Proxying submenu in the Help menu, for instructions on installing your new Charles Root Certificate.

My lame English tells me: if you are using v3.10 or later versions, the installation method has changed. Correct posture: Start the Charles software, choose Help> SSL Proxying> Install Charles Root Certificate from the menu. as shown in:

The following is the result:


Step: Help-> SSL Proxying-> Install Charles Root Certificate on a Mobile Device...

Settings on Mac

For garbled characters, if this operation is not performed, garbled characters will certainly occur. And whether it is inInfo.plistAddUTF-8In the end, I did not add the field, but everything is normal.

So I accidentally solved this problem.

Settings on iPhone

First, we need to obtain the IP Address of the computer where Charles runs. In the top menu of Charles, choose "Help"-> "Local IP Address" to see the IP Address in the pop-up dialog box, as shown in:

Then there is a series of operations on the iPhone, which is very simple!

But why can't I try Nima ?! The web site of the browser cannot be opened on the iPhone .... So I tried another methodifconfig en0:

Done! Finally, you can have a good time to play :)

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