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activate your own special effects function

Many people in order to improve the sound effects of music, can be said to be racking their brains to do. But they often do not know is, in fact, a lot of software from the relevant functions, users need to activate these functions can experience a different feeling. Windows Media player playback software, for example, comes with a series of special effects features.

First, open the Windows Media Player playback software, click the right mouse button in the operator interface, and select the "Enhanced Features" command in the menu. In the Open submenu, you can see sound options such as SRS wow effect, quiet mode, graphics equalizer, and so on. For example, "SRS WOW Effect", click the "Enable" button in the pop-up Settings window, so that the SRS sound is successfully enabled. The sound effect defaults to the standard speaker effects, which allow users to switch to larger speakers and headphones depending on their situation. and trubass bass effect and wow 3D effect, users can also manually adjust the slider to adjust (Figure 1).

Small tip:

Click the two buttons in the upper-left corner of the effects settings window to toggle through the different feature Settings window.

Borrow Plug-ins to enhance the effect

Of course, not all of the playback software has special effects function, but fortunately, many software are open to the relevant interface, so you can invoke Third-party audio Plug-ins to improve the effect of music. Foobar2000 is a very good playback software, although its own effect has been very good, but if coupled with the appropriate plug-ins can make the effect of icing on the cake.

Because the installation of Foobar2000 Plug-ins is troublesome, we recommend that you download the version of the Foobar2000 directly, and at the time of installation, select the "Full Installation" item. Some of the more common plug-ins can be installed into the system at a one-time. After running, first click on the "File" menu, "parameter Options" button, in the Pop-up Configuration window click on the left list "play" in the "DSP Manager" option, in the right side of the window can be added as needed plug-ins.

If we need to add resampling (pphs) This plugin, only need to find this plugin and double-click, you can activate the corresponding plug-in file (Figure 2). Next select the plugin, click the "Configure selected" button in the pop-up dialog box, the "Target sample rate" set to the maximum (Figure 3). Next click the "Output" option in the "Play" list on the left, and select "Wasapi" in the "Devices" list in the right-hand window (Figure 4). Once all the settings are complete, click OK to confirm.

Small tip:

★ Other playback software in the "Output" inside Select "Wasapi (Push)" item, can also greatly enhance the effect of music files.

★ Although Foobar2000 version of a ASIO with a plug-in, online also has a lot of netizens recommend the use of this plug-in. However, the use of this plug-in requires the appropriate driver matching, and only in the professional sound card can be reflected. Therefore, this plugin is not recommended for common integrated sound cards.

Virtual sound card to handle all players

Of course, not all of the playback software, has its own sound enhancement features, or can be resolved through Third-party plug-ins. For this kind of playback software, we need to find another way. And Isurround is a free sound enhancement software, it and other software the biggest difference is that the ordinary playback software is the music file decoding directly to the sound card output. When the Isurround software is installed, the software will add the sound signals to the physical sound card before the sound signals are entered into the physics sound card, and then send the sound signals with special effects to the physical audio. This is equivalent to the playback software common equalizer function, directly added to the system's sound card, so that all from the sound card output can be directly processed.

First download the Isurround installation package ( from the official website, after decompression will find that for different versions of Windows, there are different setup programs can choose to use. If the user is using a Windows 10 system, then the installation package for the Windows 8 system is available. You need to be reminded that the installation of the software requires the support of the Microsoft NET Framework 4.0 architecture. The installation steps for the Isurround software are identical to those of other software, but since the software comes with a virtual sound card, a security prompt box pops up during installation (Figure 5). Click on the "Install" button in the Hint box, you can do the most important virtual sound card installation, after the installation is completed can be used.

Small tip:

Because the virtual sound card is in the form of a driver, some security software also pops up when the virtual sound card is installed. Be sure to allow the driver to install, otherwise the software will not work properly.

The use of Isurround software is very silly, it looks like an enlarged version of the equalizer. First select the type of device in the player device, including headphones, laptops, external speakers, and so on. Then select the source of the sound in the "type of sound source", including music, language, movies, and so on. As the Isurround software has been targeted for different environments, a large number of optimized settings, so users only need to choose according to their own situation (Figure 6). For example, when the user is playing the movie, the software preset equalizer will automatically enhance the effect of "ambient sound effects" and "bass intensity".

Custom configuration actions can also be made if the user is not satisfied with the preset equalizer configuration. such as canceling a special effect of the check, you can turn off this effect. Sliding a specific slider can increase or decrease an effect. When all the configuration is complete, click on the "Power" button in the upper right corner to activate the software configuration to experience a distinctive sound environment. And the advantage of using the Isurround software is that there is no need for one configuration of the playback software, one software can solve all the playback software configuration operations.

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