[HTML Basics] What is the difference between & lt; acronym & gt; and & lt; abbr & gt; acronymabbr?

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[HTML Basics] the difference between <acronym> and <abbr> is that acronymabbr
Differences between abbreviated tag <acronym> <abbr>

We all know the HTML definition.AbbreviationsYes<Acronym> <Abbr>Two tags, but they are often unclear. Both labels are defined.Abbreviations,But the twoAbbreviationsThe meaning is different. But this does not affect our use, because the two labels have almost the same effect, and there are not many people in charge. Believe it or not, you can see:

<Acronym title = "acronym"> arconum </acronym> <br> <abbr title = "abbr"> abbr </abbr> <p> shows almost the same effect, which is defined by & lt; acronym & gt; and which is defined by & lt; abbr & gt. </P>

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Now, proceed to the question:

<Acronym> originated from acronym, which is the first letter.Acronyms.

<Abbr> originated from abbreviation, meaningAbbreviations: simplified and abbreviationsIt is a general term for the abbreviated form of a word or phrase.


Let me give you an example. People's Republic of China stands for the People's Republic of China. The abbreviated form is PRC (that is, abbreviations are also abbreviations ), this is widely accepted by the world. For example, we often see the month August, August, Which is abbreviated as Aug.

So let's look at it in another way: It's hard for programmers to find GF (girlfriend girl friend, forget whether to write them in a row or separately. Now let's write AQA separately). This is the acronym, it is often used for chatting and joking with friends.

PRC, Aug application <abbr> label, GF application <acronym>.

<P> it is difficult for male programmers to find <acronym title = "girlfriend"> BF </acronym>. </P> <abbr title = "People's Republic of China"> PRC </abbr> is the People's Republic of China. </P>


= ==============================


All acronyms can be called abbreviations, but not all acronyms are acronyms.. That is to say, acronyms are a subset of abbreviations.

So what should I do with <acronym> and <abbr>? I have summarized one point: words that can be replaced by abbreviations in formal occasions or formal written documents, words that are accepted by the society and that are popular should be used <abbr>. In other cases, mostly use <acronym>.


The acronyms mentioned above are a subset of abbreviations, so you can replace <abbr> <acronym> in any case. AndIn HTML5, the <acronym> tag has been replaced by <abbr>.In HTML5 and later versions, the <acronym> label will be discarded.

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