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<Marquee>Label, it is a label that appears in pairs, the first label<Marquee>and tail label</Marquee>The content between is scrolling content.

<Marquee>The properties of the tag are behavior, bgcolor, direction, width, height, hspace, vspace, Loop, scrollamount, scrolldelay, etc., which are optional. The parameter value of the Behavior property Behavior property is one of alternate, scroll, and slide, indicating that the text scrolls back and forth, scrolls in one Direction, scrolls only once,
It is important to note that: if the<Marquee>both the direction and behavior properties appear in the label, then the scrolling direction of scroll and slide will follow the settings of the parameters in the direction attribute. <MarqueeBehavior= "alternate">I roll back and forth</Marquee>
<MarqueeBehavior= "Scroll">I cycle through the single direction</Marquee>

<MarqueeBehavior= "Scroll"direction= "Up"Height= "+">I change the direction of the scroll upward cycle</Marquee>

<MarqueeBehavior= "Slide">I only scroll once</Marquee>
<MarqueeBehavior= "Slide"direction= "Up">I'm just rolling it up once.</Marquee>
bgcolor the background color of the property text scrolling range, the parameter value is 16 binary (form: #AABBCC或 #aa5566, etc.) or predefined color names (such as red, yellow, blue, and so on).

As shown below:<MarqueeBehavior= = "Slide"direction= "Left"bgcolor= "Red">My background color is red.</Marquee>direction the direction of the property text scrolling, the parameter value of the property has a total of four single selectable values, left, right, and up, representing the scrolling direction downward, to the leftwards, to the rightwards, and upward. As shown below:<Marqueedirection= "Right">I scroll right</Marquee><Marqueedirection= "Right">I'm scrolling down</Marquee>The width and Height properties of the width and Height properties determine the size of the rectangular range of scrolling text in the page. The Width property is used to specify the thickness of the rectangle, which specifies the height of the rectangle. The parameter values for these two properties can be numbers or percentages, which represent the (wide or high) pixel count of the rectangle, which represents the percentage (wide or high) of the browser window that the rectangle occupies. As shown below:<Marqueewidth= "+"Height= "+"bgcolor= "Red">I am 300 pixels wide and 30 pixels high.</Marquee>both properties of the Hspace and Vspace properties determine the white space around the scroll rectangle area.<Marqueewidth= "+"Height= "+"vspace= "Ten"hspace= "Ten"bgcolor= "Red">I have 10 pixels around the horizontal and vertical margins of the rectangular edge.</Marquee><Marqueewidth= "+"Height= "+"vspace= " the"hspace= " the"bgcolor= "Red">I have 50 pixels around the horizontal and vertical margins of the rectangular edge.</Marquee>the Loop Property Loop property determines how many scrolling text scrolls, and the default is an infinite loop. The parameter value can be any positive integer, and an infinite loop if you set the parameter value to 1 or infinite. As shown below:<MarqueeLoop= "2">I scroll 2 times.</Marquee><MarqueeLoop= "Infinite">I am infinitely cyclic scrolling.</Marquee><MarqueeLoop= "-1">I am infinitely cyclic scrolling.</Marquee>the ScrollAmount and Scrolldelay properties determine the speed (scrollamount) and delay (scrolldelay) of text scrolling, and the parameter values are positive integers. As shown below:<MarqueeScrollAmount= "+">I'm fast.</Marquee><MarqueeScrollAmount= " the">I'm a little slow.</Marquee><MarqueeScrolldelay= "+">I step forward.</Marquee><MarqueeScrolldelay= "+"ScrollAmount= "+">I strode forward.</Marquee>At the end of the Align property, this property determines whether the scrolling text is positioned up or down the border within the shape. You can also add

<Marquee>And</Marquee>Replace the content between the images or other objects to create a scrolling text caption. The parameter direction indicates the direction of the scroll, the value can be Left,right,up,down, and the default is left
Behavior represents the way scrolling is, the value can be scroll (continuous scrolling) slide (swipe once) the loop alternate (rolling back and forth) the number of cycles, the value is a positive integer, the default is an infinite loop scrollamount represents the speed of motion, the value is a positive integer, The default is 6 scrolldelay for the pause time, the value is a positive integer, the default is 0, the unit is the millisecond align represents the vertical alignment of the element, the value can be top,middle,bottom, the default is middle bgcolor represents the background color of the moving area, The value is an RGB color of 16, the default is white height, width indicates the height and width of the moving area, the value is a positive integer (in pixels) or a percentage, the default width=100% height is hspace of the element within the tag, vspace  Represents the horizontal and vertical distances of the element to the area boundary, and the value is a positive integer in pixels. Onmouseover=this.stop () Onmouseout=this.start () indicates that scrolling stops when the mouse is over the area and continues scrolling when the mouse is moved. Note The default width of the MARQUEE element is equal to the width of its parent element. If MARQUEE is in a TD with no specified width, you need to explicitly set the width of the MARQUEE.  If the width of the MARQUEE and TD is not specified, then the scrolling caption will be limited to 1 pixels wide. To create a caption that scrolls vertically, set its ScrollLeft property to 0.  To create a marquee that scrolls horizontally, set its ScrollTop property to 0, which overrides any script settings. The ScrollLeft and ScrollTop properties are read-only when the caption is scrolled.  When not in a scrolling state, the scrollleft is read-write for subtitles set to scroll horizontally, and scrolltop is readable and writable for subtitles set to vertical scrolling.  This element is available in HTML for Microsoft®internet Explorer 3.0 and is available in scripts in Internet Explorer 4.0.  This element is a block element. This element needs to close the label. Example the following example uses the MARQUEE element to create a left-to-right scrolling caption with a moving speed of 10 pixels per 200 milliseconds.<MARQUEEDIRECTION=rightBEHAVIOR=scrollScrollAmount=10Scrolldelay=200>This is a scrolling caption.</MARQUEE>The following example shows some uses of the scrollleft and ScrollTop properties of the MARQUEE element. <MARQUEEID=m1direction=rightstyle= "Border-width:2px;border-style:solid;"width=200Height=200>Right</MARQUEE>    <!--Click this button to read the values of the ScrollLeft and ScrollTop properties when the caption is scrolled. -    <BUTTONonclick= "alert (' scrollleft: ' + m1.scrollleft + ' scrollright: ' + m1.scrolltop)">Read</BUTTON>    <!--When the caption stops, you can set the scrollleft of the horizontal caption, or set the scrolltop of the vertical caption. -    <BUTTONonclick= "M1.stop (); m1.scrollleft =;">Stop and set scrollleft=190</BUTTON>    <BUTTONonclick= "M1.start ();">Begin</BUTTON>

Html<marquee> Label

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