I learned how to get started with embedded Linux development

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I began to learn Linux last year, the process of learning has also gone a lot of detours, here record, I hope to give you new see, help everyone less go some detours. Helping everyone is also the process of my personal progress. I have a record of what is wrong with the place I hope you can point out, thank you!

((⊙o⊙) ... Because I am more lazy, feel typing is very troublesome, so I use the voice to help me type, the article may write ideas disorderly, I will slowly tidy up, sorry! )

There is a point or need to first explain, if in the process of learning what is not very clear where the best is to go to Baidu or Google (need to turn over the wall, concrete how to flip the wall or everyone to think about it, I do not say here, if the direct post to say that the words may be deleted Ah! )。 If the search engine is really unable to find out, then you can focus on some stick or the corresponding forum, in the direct question or to see some of Daniel's teaching paste, this process must be some.

Of course, the English still have a certain foundation, encountered some problems need to look at their own English materials or other people's handling methods. The request is not high, can hold the English compared to the machine turn over, translates the approximate meaning to be OK. Rest assured, the General English Manual in order to concise and accurate explanation of technical problems, English is not very difficult, and will not be like the English test as the abnormal appearance of complex multiple long sentences.

Because of the need to work last year to start learning Linux, my own professional is automation, a part of the compilation and the basis of C language. After graduation, I did the development of single-chip assembly language. When I returned to my hometown last year, I began to learn about the embedded development of arm, which requires the Linux Foundation and C language programming. In fact, the difficulty of learning software development is not very large, mainly need to have the opportunity to practice, to have rapid and substantial progress. Of course, if there is no good practice opportunities, it is best to buy a development board. Of course, if you really do not want to buy a development board or feel that the development Board is too expensive, you can install Linux on the PC first experiment is also possible, but some things can not be completely simulated.

First of all, we can say that Linux, the personal feeling of the main function of Linux is divided into two pieces, simply to do the server or embedded software development, how to use Linux to do the server this point I do not quite understand, about the Linux part of you can go to see this book " Brother Bird's Linux private dishes, if you like, you can also build a server to try.

On the Linux distribution, it is not recommended that new people spend too much time on this, with Ubuntu. I previously recommended that the book, is to let everyone use CentOS, this I do not recommend, CentOS used to do the server is very good, but if used to do embedded development, functional feel a bit worse. The issue of this release will not make much difference, find a good start on it. I have spent a lot of time on this aspect, the various distributions have loaded many, but the actual function does not have the big change. After determining the good one release, do not always change to change, it is easy to waste a lot of energy. If you really want to toss, then you can try LFS.

(Off-topic, I use the distribution version is the stable version of Debian, novice or do not use the good, just the release version of the image burned to the U disk is a very pit process, I also toss a long time to fix. If someone said DD on the line, that trouble to send your command line, I also learn ... If you send me, such as "DD If=xxx.iso of=/dev/sdb bs=2m" Such a command, can only tell you, such a U disk installed in half will be prompted to find the disc media, you have to quit the installation ... )

(PS: The biggest difference between distributions is the difference in package management, I suggest you choose the same package management)

The following are the different package management commands

Apt-get major release for Ubuntu,debian,linux mint, etc.

Yum major distributions are redhat,centos,fedora,opensuse, etc.

Pacman major releases are arch and derivative versions

No package management major release Slackware and so on

Although I recommend you to use Ubuntu, but our package management is the same, the latter may use some commands can be used directly. But different package management, the command is not so common,

In fact, the difference between the distribution is not very big, desktop environment difference is very big. The sturdy Daniel will despise me still using the desktop, but I recommend you install one! After all, this is still very convenient. Specific use of what kind of desktop environment, we can according to their own preferences, as well as the configuration of the computer, you decide it! My computer is very slag, generally use

I learned how to get started with embedded Linux development

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