IBM Zhu Hui: no single product can solve big data problems

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Today, massive volumes of information are filled with the IT world. data shows that in the next decade, data and content around the world will increase by 44, 80% of which are unstructured data. The advent of the big data era brings challenges and opportunities to enterprises. Many IT giants have joined the ranks of big data and launched their own big data products, such as sap hana, Vertica acquired by HP, InfoSphere BigInsight of IBM, and Big Data Appliance of Oracle. Each Vendor's Big Data products have their own characteristics, however, can every product help enterprises comprehensively cope with big data problems?

Recently, Zhu Hui, general manager of information management software of the IBM China R & D center, said in an interview with reporters that "the big data problem cannot be solved by any single product. A comprehensive and complete solution is required, it is necessary to integrate information management software, services, consulting and other products, and integrate traditional and innovative methods to solve the big data problem."

General Manager of information management software of IBM China R & D center shares information about IBM Big Data Platform

Zhu Hui believes that enterprises must face 3 V challenges in the big data era, namely the Variety type, Velocity speed, and Volume capacity ). Currently, users need to manage various data types and data structures, from traditional table data to emails, images, videos, social networks, and other information; speed indicates the speed at which dynamic data is quickly generated and processed. The speed requirement for data collection, processing, and use is the second challenge that big data brings. When the data volume reaches TB and PB levels, traditional algorithms that process small amounts of data cannot process large datasets quickly and effectively enough. Both storage media and management analysis have been greatly challenged. According to reports, the vision of the IBM Big Data Platform is to provide users with a big data environment through the IBM Big Data Solutions and client and Partner solutions, multiple open-source components such as Hadoop, HBase, and Jaql will be integrated at the same time, integrates with IBM data Warehouse InfoSphere, Netezza Warehouse, InfoSphere MDM for master data management, DB2 for database, content analysis ECM, business analysis Cognos and SPSS, marketing Unica, and InfoSphere Optim for data growth management. software. IBM will discuss and develop platform solutions for solving big data problems with customers, and help users transform the challenges posed by massive data into opportunities.

IBM's Big Data Platform vision

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