Install and run wireshark in linux, and run wireshark in linux

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Install and run wireshark in linux, and run wireshark in linux

I. Installation
Run the command as root: yum install wireshark
Ii. Running
Enter the command in the terminal:
# Wireshark
Bash: wireshark: command not found
# Whereis wireshark
# Cd/usr/lib/wireshark
# Ls
# Cd/usr/share/wireshark; ls
AUTHORS-SHORT dtds mergecap.html tshark.html
Capinfos.html dumpcap.html radius wimaxasncp
Cfilters editcap.html rawshark.html wireshark-filter.html
Colorfilters help services wireshark.html
COPYING idl2wrs.html smi_modules ws.css
Dfilters ipmap.html text2pcap.html
Diameter manuf tpncp
Http:// P = 1307301
Yum search wireshark (search for rpm packages matching specific characters)
Yum install wireshark-gnome.i386 (graphical interface for wireshark)
# Whereis wireshark
# Wireshark





View TCP communication packets and write data in the filter conditionsTcp; Apply;

View packages on a specified port: EnterTcp. port eq 7905

View the package of the specified IP Address:Ip. addr eq

View the packages of the specified IP address and PORT:Ip. addr eq and tcp. port eq 7905



In a virtual machine, how does one install WIRESHARK in LINUX?

Rpm-ihv/directory of your wireshark/wireshark *. rpm

Just install

In a virtual machine linux environment, I want to install wireshark with four rpm packages. However, after executing the rpm-ivh command, I cannot find the packages.

Cd to the Mount directory of your system disk

The names of the four packages after rpm-ivh are separated by spaces.

Follow the prompts to copy the dependent package and try again with rpm.

In addition, if it is not for the purpose of learning,
We recommend that you use yum for installation,
Yum can resolve Dependencies by itself.

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