Install and use Windows Subversion and TortoiseSVN, and install tortoisesvn

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Install and use Windows Subversion and TortoiseSVN, and install tortoisesvn

Currently, popular version control tools include SVN, Git, and Mercurial (Hg ).
SVN is divided into two types: server and client. The server is Subversion, and the client is TortoiseSVN.
Download the installation files for Windows on the Internet, and follow the established installation steps.
1. Create a version Library:
To run the Subversion server, you must first create a version Library (Repository), which can be viewed as a database for storing data on the server.
For example, you can Create a folder under the drive E, right-click it, and choose> TortoiseSVN> Create Repository here. The version library is created successfully.


2. Run the SVN server Subversion:
Run cmd to enter windows Pseudo dos and run the following command to start the server: svnserve-d-r E: \ svn_repository. The server can be started successfully. If the command line window is closed, the server is stopped.
3. Browse projects in the version Library:
Right-click any location on the desktop> TortoiseSVN> Repo-browser, enter the svn server address in the url in the format of svn: // svn Host IP, and click OK, you can use TortoiseSVN to browse projects in the Subversion library.
4. Set permissions:
After performing the preceding operations, you will find that, as long as you know the project of the svn server, you can directly operate (not only browse, but also delete) the project in the server version library, the actual process must be subject to permission restrictions.
E: \ svn_repository \ conf is the permission configuration file.
Open svnserve. conf: remove the annotator before password-db = passwd authz-db = authz in the [general] configuration item. Note that the comment must be written in the top frame to indicate that svnserve needs to read authz and passwd files.
In terms of security, we often need to restrict the access permissions to anonymous users. Therefore, we can remove "#" before anon-access = read and change the read parameter to none.
Anon-access = none
Open authz to add user groups and users. First, add an admin user group under [groups] and add users to it.
Admin = qqyumidi, corn
Next, specify the user group's permissions for the corresponding projects in the version library, and specify the permission to read and write the projects in the version library.
@ Admin = rw
* =
Where,/indicates the root directory started by svnserve. * = this statement specifies that the power of other user groups is empty to prevent other user groups from reading the file.
Open the passwd file and set the password of each user.
Qqyumidi = qqyumidi
Corn = corn
Click Repo-browser again to browse the version library and find that identity authentication is required. Enter the account and password to enter. Now, the permission setting is complete.
5. Add the project version to the current version Library:
The project details in the zookeeper library are still empty. On the fdrive, create a new folder named project1 and upload the file readme.txt, right-click the file, and add the contents of the current directory to the version library by importing the file from the current location to the server version library.
After successful addition, you can view the added content in Repo-browser.
In addition, for SVN single version library and multi version library configuration may cause permission problems, you can refer to the URL:
6. Use of other SVN commands.
For more information, see the svn manual. It's easy to use.
Some basic idea of version model:

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