Install Memcached in CentOS

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Install Memcached in CentOS

Installing memcached in CentOS is simple. You only need to use the dependency management tool that comes with CentOS. However, you can also use the compilation method to install memcached.

1. Server memcached

Next I will use yum to install memcached:

[root@localhost ~]# yum install memcached

Select y

Very easy! The installation is complete!

Let's start memcached!

[root@localhost ~]# /usr/bin/memcached -d -l -p 11211 -m 150 -u root

-D: daemon. When you exit from the terminal window, memcached continues to run.
-L: Specifies the ip address. Here we specify the local ip address.
-P: Specifies the port number. The port number is 11211.
-M: memory allocation. I allocated MB of memory here.
-U: the user used to run memcached.

So how can we check whether our memcached is started!
The following is a command:

[root@localhost ~]# ps -ef | grep memcached

The ps command is short for Precess Status, that is, to list the processes running in the current system.
Ps-ef displays all processes, together with the command line
Ps is usually used in combination with grep to find specific processes

2. Client memcache

2.1 install libmemcached
2.1.1 download libmemcached

[root@localhost ~]# wget

2.1.2 download memcached

[root@localhost ~]# wget

Note! The php extension is downloaded here. Do not download memcached. After decompression, check whether there are php _ files in the folder.

2.1.3 decompress libmemcached

[root@localhost ~]# tar -zxvf libmemcached-1.0.8.tar.gz

Here is the compilation and installation method used:
Go to the libmemcached-1.0.8 directory to compile

[root@localhost ~]# ./configure --prefix=/usr/lib/libmemcached

Specify to compile to the/usr/lib/libmemcached directory


[root@localhost libmemcached-1.0.8]# make && make install

Wait for a while and the installation is complete!

2.2 install memcached extension for PHP
2.2.1 decompress memcached

[root@localhost ~]# tar -zxvf memcached-2.2.0.tar.gz

Enter this folder and run

[root@localhost ~]# cd memcached-2.2.0[root@localhost memcached-2.2.0]# phpize

At this time, a configure file will be added.

[root@localhost memcached-2.2.0]# ./configure

The following error occurs: configure: error: Cannot find php-config. Please use-with-php-config = PATH.
This indicates that the path of my php-config is not found.
So we need to specify our path. It depends on where your php is installed.

My php-config is under/usr/local/php/bin.
Go to the memcached folder and run the following command again:

[root@localhost memcached-2.2.0]# ./configure --with-php-config=/usr/local/php/bin/php-config

An error is reported.
Configure: error: memcached support requires libmemcached. Use-with-libmemcached-dir = DIR to specify the prefix where libmemcached headers and library are located
The libmemcached extension we just installed was not found.
Because we have just./configure-prefix =/usr/bin/lib/libmemcached
So our libmemcached extension is here.
Run the following command:

[root@localhost memcached-2.2.0]# ./configure --with-php-config=/usr/local/php/bin/php-config --with-libmemcached-dir=/usr/lib/libmemcached

Error: no, sasl. h is not available. Run configure with-disable-memcached-sasl to disable this check
Perform the following operations according to the guidelines:

[root@localhost memcached-2.2.0]# ./configure --with-php-config=/usr/local/php/bin/php-config --with-libmemcached-dir=/usr/lib/libmemcached --disable-memcached-sasl

Finally succeeded!
2.2.2 installation Extension

[root@localhost memcached-2.2.0]# make && make install

The following describes how to configure php. ini and add the memcached extension.

[root@localhost ~]# vim /usr/local/php/etc/php.ini

Shift + g to the last line
Insert: extension = memcached. so save
Restart my lnmp:[root@localhost ~]# lnmp restart
Check out my php extensions:[root@localhost ~]# php -m
Check whether memcached extensions are available:[root@localhost ~]# php -m | grep memcached

Now php has successfully configured memcached!

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