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The Windows Phone SDK includes Visual Studio 2010 express for Windows Phone, Windows Phone simulator, xNa game studio, expression blend for Windows Phone, examples, and documents. If Visual Studio 2010 professional or later is installed on your development computer, a plug-in for Visual Studio 2010 professional is automatically installed. For more information, see
Studio 2010 express for Windows Phone.

You can download and install any content required to generate and publish the Windows Phone application in a file. However, read the release notes to learn about possible prerequisites. You can find the release notes and installation files in one of the following locations:

  • Windows Phone sdks 7.1


If you only install Visual Studio 2010 express for Windows Phone 7.1, you can install it on any drive. If Visual Studio 2010 professional or later is installed on your development computer or any other Visual Studio express product, install Windows Phone SDK 7.1 on the same drive as the existing Visual Studio installation.

This topic contains the following sections:

  • System Requirements

  • Deploy and debug applications

  • Localized Windows Phone SDK

  • Other developer Resources

System Requirements

The following table lists the system requirements for Windows Phone SDK 7.1.


Virtual machines are not supported.

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows Vista x86 or x64 Service Pack 2 (all versions except Starter Edition)

  • Windows 7x86 or x64 (all versions except Starter Edition)

Unless you have installed one of the localized versions of the Windows Phone SDK, your operating system must be the enu version. For more information, see localized Windows Phone SDK.


  • The installation requires 4 GB of available disk space on the system drive.

  • 3 GB RAM

Unsupported platforms

  • Windows server is not supported.

  • Windows 8 is not supported.

  • Windows XP is not supported.

  • Virtual machines are not supported.

Windows Phone Simulator

  • Windows Phone simulator requires a graphics card with wddm 1.1 driver and DDI 10 or later DirectX 10 or later.

  • Windows Phone simulators require GPU simulation to support certain solutions, such as analysis, xNa framework applications, and content displayed in Web browser controls.

For more information, see Windows Phone simulator settings and system requirements.

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Deploy and debug applications

You can use Visual Studio to deploy your applications to a Windows Phone simulator or a Windows Phone device. For more information, see How to: Use Visual Studio to generate and deploy Windows
Phone application.

To deploy and debug your applications on a Windows Phone device, you must install the Zune client software. You must also use the Windows Phone developer registration tool to register your device. For more information, see
Deployment and testing on Windows Phone

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Windows Phone SDK

Many languages have available Windows Phone SDK localized versions. Only the Windows 7 and Windows Vista operating systems specified in the system requirements section support the localized version. You can use the localization SDK in the following languages to write Windows Phone applications:

  • Simplified Chinese (zh-CN)

  • Traditional Chinese (zh-tw)

  • French (fr-fr)

  • German (de-de)

  • Italian (It-It)

  • Japanese (JA-JP)

  • Korean (Ko-KR)

  • Russian (Ru-Ru)

  • Spanish (ES-es)


You can localize your Windows Phone applications and games for end users in other languages (such as Greek, Hindi, Portuguese, and Swedish. For more information, see Windows Phone regional and language support.

Install the localized SDK

To download the localized Windows Phone SDK, go to the following download page and select the required language from the language list box.

  • Windows Phone sdks 7.1

On a computer, only one language version of Windows Phone SDK can be installed at a time. If you have installed the Windows Phone SDK in English or want to switch between multiple languages in the future, you must first uninstall the existing language version and then install a new language version. When you uninstall the Windows Phone SDK, you must also uninstall any expression blend SDK components.

Localized SDK Operating System Support

The English Windows Phone SDK can be installed on an operating system in any supported language.

The localized Windows Phone SDK can only be installed on an operating system in a supported language. This means that the language of the local SDK must match the language of the operating system.

Localized SDK Visual Studio support

Windows Phone sdks in English and local versions can be installed on computers with multiple Visual Studio professional languages. Before using Visual Studio professional for Windows Phone development, you must change the language settings of Visual Studio professional to match the Language of the Windows Phone SDK. This means that the SDK language (including English) must match the language of Visual Studio professional.


You do not need to use Visual Studio 2010 professional to develop Windows Phone applications. For more information, see Visual Studio 2010 express for Windows

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Other developer Resources

You can use other available resources in your Windows Phone application.

  1. The Silverlight for Windows Phone toolkit provides other controls that can be added to your application. The toolkit contains multiple controls, such as datepicker, timepicker, toggleswitch, wrappanel, listpicker, longlistselector, and many other controls. For more information and how to install the toolkit, see the Silverlight
    For Windows Phone toolkit.
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