Install Redis in Windows 64-bit

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: This article describes how to install Redis in Windows 64-bit mode. if you are interested in the PHP Tutorial, refer to it. Redis is an open-source log-type and Key-Value database written in ansi c language that supports network, memory-based persistence, and provides APIs in multiple languages.

Tools/raw materials

  • Windows 64-bit OS

  • Redis installation package (current tutorial version 2.8.12)


Create a folder named redis on drive D, right-click and unzip the Redis ZIP package, and extract all the files to the redis folder. (Other drive letters can also be dropped)

File introduction:

Redis-benchmark.exe # benchmarking

Redis-check-aof.exe # aof

Redischeck-dump.exe # dump

Redis-cli.exe # client

Redis-server.exe # Server

Redis. windows. conf # configuration file

Run windows (shortcut: windows key + R Key) and enter the cmd command to enter the DOC operating system window.
Run the command "restart redis-server.exe redis. windows. conf" to start the redis service. if the following error is not displayed, skip this step ]. If you see the following errors like me, don't worry, there is always a solution!
As prompted, the maxheap identity is incorrect. open the configuration file redis. windows. conf, search for maxheap, and specify the content directly.
# Maxheap
# Maxheap 1024000000
Start again, OK, succeeded.

Start the doc window of the redis service. you do not need to close it because the service needs to be executed all the time. close the service and close the window directly.
Open a new doc window and use the built-in client tool to test the command "【redis-cli.exe". the detailed operations are as follows .. The example shows a basic read/write operation. set key-> age, value-> 21, and get age to get the key value. Pai_^

The above describes how to install apsaradb for Redis in Windows 64-bit mode, including related content. if you are interested in the PHP Tutorial.

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