Install Xfce + FreeNX Remote Desktop in CentOS 6.3

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Install Xfce + FreeNX Remote Desktop in CentOS 6.3

Xfce is a well-known lightweight desktop environment. Although it is less functional than GNOME and less compact than LXDE, it finds a balance between the two, while keeping both functions simple. Nowadays, more and more people are using Xfce, including Debian. In the upcoming 7.0 Wheezy version, Xfce is also used as the default desktop environment, replacing GNOME.
FreeNX is a new Linux Remote control solution after VNC. Developed by NoMachine, FreeNX is the best Remote Desktop Management Software in Xwindows. The basic principle is to compress the XWindows signal and transmit it to a remote client for display, while VNC directly captures the screen image for processing and transmission. In this way, FreeNX provides a better sense of operation and real-time performance than VNC under the same transmission channel conditions. FreeNX uses an SSH tunnel to transmit data, which has two obvious advantages over VNC:
1. Data encryption. Operations you perform on a remote desktop are not easily monitored by others. VNC is transmitted in plaintext.
2. Share the clipboard. You can share the Clipboard data locally with the Remote Desktop, greatly facilitating data operations. VNC is powerless on the clipboard. it is inconvenient to copy and paste local data to a remote machine.
Use Xfce + FreeNX to manage remote servers in CentOS 6.3. The installation steps are as follows:
1. Update the server operating system.

yum update

2. Add the EPEL and IUS software source.
First go to

rpm -Uvh -Uvh

3. Install Xfce.

yum install xfce-utils xfce4-session xfce4-appfinder xfce4-icon-theme xorg-x11-xinit xorg-x11-drv-fbdev thunar-archive-plugin thunar-volman tumbler Terminal leafpad

Yum install freenx

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