Installation and configuration of Oracle 8I under HP-UX

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Oracle recently in the toss hp-ux11.11, I will be the Oracle 8I in HP-UX installation and configuration process written out, I hope to share with you, if you can help, Diao greedy feel gratified. If you have any questions or your experiences and suggestions, please contact me, discuss or not discuss any technical issues, just make a friend, my All right, pour a lot of water, let's get started:

Description: All of the following specific parameters are based on my software environment: HP-UX 11.11 + ORACLE 8.1.7 Enterprise Edition (64-bit), for your system may be part of the content of changes, the key place I will give a reference hint.

First, confirm the system environment

# ID
Uid=0 (Root) gid=3 (sys) groups=0 (root), 1 (Other), 2 (BIN), 4 (ADM), 5 (daemon), 6 (mail),)
# pwd
# model
# uname-a
HP-UX hl165web b.11.11 U 9000/800 1154484685 unlimited-user License
# Lanscan
Hardware station CRD HDW net-interface NM MAC Hp-dlpi
Path address in# State Nameppa ID Type Support mjr#
0/0/0/0 0x00306e2c251c 0 up lan0 snap0 1 ether Yes 119
0/12/0/0 0x00306e21e827 1 up lan1 snap1 2 ether Yes 119
# ifconfig Lan1
inet netmask ffffff00 broadcast

# Dmesg|grep Physical
physical:2097152 Kbytes, lockable:1572408 Kbytes, available:1811528 Kbytes
All right. The above is about the basic information of the system, Oracle installation of the system requirements, mainly include:
1, mem minimum 128M,
2, swap minimum 400M or for mem*2,
3, x-windows must be up,
4, HP-UX patch is sure to fight, Oracle's Documents (note:43507.1) for the specific patch have a complete list, a total of 16, but I think there is really no need to see, Make the latest patch package for HP-UX directly before you install Oracle. Okay, it's all done. The latest patch you can find HP's people or go to HP's website, but have a system service number.
5. Verify that the executable file exists: the MAKE,AR,LD,NM and CC in the/usr/ccs/bin directory. If you do 4, then these files are no problem.

Second, adjust system parameters

Use the SAM to adjust the following HP-UX parameters, and then rebuild KERNEL and REBOOT. Several of the following parameters are required by Oracle:
Parameter name Ora request/I give (description)
SHMMAX 1 gb/1,500,000,000
Shmmin 1/
(This parameter is at&t Unix, HP-UX is not at all, anyway, I have not seen, I think the corresponding parameter should be shmem, the meaning of this parameter is the Enable Sys V Shared Memory,default=1, represents the Enable I think the Oracle documentation is wrong, these guys are copied to copy, the user is not responsible, regardless of his good. )
Shmmni 100/200 (default)
Shmseg 10/120 (default)
Semmni 70/100

Well, Oracle asked so many parameters, but there is a parameter if you do not adjust the detours, that is: Maxdsiz, meaning the max Data Segment Size for 32-bit processes (Bytes). As for Maxdsiz_64bit, it's up to you, because its default value is just 1G.
Maxdsiz 67108864/280000000 (recommended not less than 256M)
Maxdsiz_64bit 1073741824/1200000000 (not recommended below 1G, that is, default value)

If you do not tune the Maxdsiz, the following error occurs when the installation completes and the connection is made:
Error in invoking target install of makefile

This error is very serious, Oracle will prompt you to install successfully, but you can not do anything! Of course, there is no need to worry, not to reload, now it is too late to mend:

Adjust the Maxdsiz first, rebuild the kernel to reboot the system, and then log on with the Oracle user and manually compile the installation OK:
$ cd $ORACLE _home/rdbms/lib
$ make-f Install

OK, this process takes about a few minutes, and then your Oracle is actually installed successfully.

Third, build Oracle group, user, set environment variable

#groupadd-G DBA
#groupadd-G 201 Oinstall
#useradd-u 200-g 201-s/bin/ksh-m-d/data1/oracle8 Oracle8
#vi/etc/group (Oracle8 to the DBA group, VI is purely a personal habit, I think this convenient ^_^)
#passwd Oracle8
$vi. Profile
Set the environment variable, the main several are as follows:
# Added by Gototop 2002.10.18

Oracle_home= $ORACLE _base/product/8.1.7
Ld_library_path= $ORACLE _home/lib:/usr/lib
Path= $ORACLE _home/bin: $PATH

Export oracle_base oracle_home oracle_sid oracle_term ld_library_path PATH

ora_nls33= $ORACLE _home/ocommon/nls/admin/data
tns_admin= $ORACLE _home/network/admin
ora_db= $ORACLE _home/dbs

Export DISPLAY ora_nls33 Nls_lang tns_admin ora_db
Umask 022

When you are finished, save the disk exit.
$. ./.profile
$env |grep ORA

All right, it's done.

Iv. Start Installation

Another window to mount the DVD with the root user:
#/usr/sbin/pfs_mount-t Rrip-x Unix/dev/dsk/c3t2d0/cdrom

Then go back to the Oracle User's window to execute:

OK, wait a moment, the familiar Oracle welcome interface appears in front of you.

It's so simple, what else do you want? The back is a fool's thing, follow the graphical interface all the way, and on other platforms to install no difference. At about the end of the time will prompt you to use the root to perform the $oracle_home/, this I in other unix/linux also want, I think we should all very familiar.

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